In Islam, "Choice" means choose Islam, or else…..

Woman Loses Job for Refusing to Wear Headscarf…

A Muslim woman has been awarded more than £13,500 after she was sacked for refusing to wear a headscarf at the estate agency where she worked.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani (in Iran) faces hanging instead of stoning for accusations of adultery

Ghazala Khan – a 31-year-old non-practising Muslim – was fired less than two weeks into her job at a company run by traditional Muslim businessman Masood Ghafoor simply because she refused to cover her hair. (Daily Mail)

British Schoolgirls Forced to Wear the Niqab…

Tolerance promoted:

Abject failure: Group inspecting private religious schools “to ensure they prepare pupils for life in modern Britain” approved of schools mandating niqab for preteen girls (JW)

Islamic schools have introduced uniform policies which force girls to wear the burka or a full headscarf and veil known as the niqab.  “Moderate followers of Islam” (?) said yesterday that enforcement of the veil was a “dangerous precedent” and that children attending such schools were being “brainwashed”.  (Telegraph UK)

Woman Stalked and Burned to Death for Rejecting Marriage…

After fighting for life for five days, a teenage girl yesterday died of burn injuries inflicted on her by three youths for refusing to accept love proposal of one of the youths.

Aneza Akhter, 17, succumbed to her injuries at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s burn unit around 3:00pm. Seventy percent of her body was burnt. Read more…

Paki woman killed in Italy over arranged marriage

A Pakistani woman has died in Italy after her husband beat her with a brick for opposing the arranged marriage of her daughter, triggering a wave of outrage among Italian politicians on Monday. (Telegraph UK)

4 thoughts on “In Islam, "Choice" means choose Islam, or else…..”

  1. * a wave of outrage among Italian politicians

    A backlash?
    A ripple in the kiddy pool?

  2. Always someone else’s fault – never the perp’s responsibility:

    [Conservative lawmaker Souad Sbai of Moroccan origin said that such “intolerable barbarism” was the “result of failed integration” of the father and brother into Italian society.]

    Iron and clay.

  3. Note that the muslim scum who murdered his wife owned the local mosque – another fine example of muslim tolerance for other cultures.

  4. There is no such thing as Islam ‘lite’ or ‘moderate’ Islam with Islam its the whole package including barbaric Shariah Law and Islamic GOVERNMENT too. Muslims know this, Geert knows this, the Koran says this and the Imams preach this constantly. It’s only left wing moonbats who seem to think they hear something else. There may be, in fact there are many millions of peaceful moderate Muslims but it is THEY in their very moderation who are the misunderstanders of Islam.

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