US at war with Germans again

That header had me worried for a moment, but its all good:

They were looking to “slay and be slain in the cause of Allah” for the promise of that never-ending Oktoberfest in the sky (Qur’an 9:111), but wound up having to skip over the first part.

Once again, American soldiers are fighting Germans:

A US drone strike overnight killed eight militants, including German nationals, in Pakistan’s lawless tribal belt near the Afghan border.

“Five German rebels of Turkish origin and three local militants were killed in the strike,’’ a security official said, adding they were trying to find out further details of the dead and their militant group.

Good, ey?

(Andrew Bolt)

2 thoughts on “US at war with Germans again”

  1. What this headline really should say is ‘Five Turkish Mohammedans who just happen to live in Germany and their Pakistani Mohammedan handlers and trainers were killed en route to massacre innocent Western Civilians’

  2. I wondered to myself if these people were really Germans, I do not think they were Germans! Thank you for clarifying the true nature of these degenerate,Sheik.

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