Senior Turkish Minister Calls Christians ‘Kuffar’


Midnight Express to the 7th Century:

Turkish universities quietly easing headscarf ban

Muharrem Ince, a senior MP from the secularist Republican People’s Party,  said   “this is because the AKP want to impose the headscarf not only at universities but from top to bottom….” (Source)

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Our  expensive friends, the Turks

Turkish Work & Social Security Minister (and Borat lookalike) Faruk Çelik calls it how he sees it when it comes to filthy unbelievers

As if there weren’t enough evidence already, a Senior Minister lets slip what Turkey’s ruling class really thinks of non-Muslims:

Members of the Christian community in Turkey have called on State Minister Faruk Çelik to make an apology over his remarks which they said had insulted their religion.

“The minister has scorned Christians just to suppress rightful demands of the Alevis in Turkey,” Yuhannas Aktas, head of the Syriac Culture Association in Midyat, who was referring to Çelik’s labelling of Christianity as the religion of the ‘gavur’ (‘kafir’), a word meaning “infidel” in Turkish, which is often regarded as a degrading expression by non-Muslims.

Maybe you’re still a little unsure of what Turkish ruling élites really think of us infidels, after the smear campaign to delegitimise Israel, currently being waged by Turkey’s Prime Minister ErdoÄŸan and President Gül?

Or unswayed after hearing that they had recently set up the headquarters of Turkey’s EU Membership bid campaign in a church confiscated from the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate?

Somewhat on the fence after seeing the substantial (and growing) evidence of systematic persecution and harassment of Christians in Turkey?

Well now you can relax. Minister of Work and Social Security Çelik has just made it abundantly clear for you.

So classy.

Turkish Nationalist Rally in Ancient Church Angers Armenians (Video)

A high-profile Muslim religious service held by Turkey’s leading ultranationalist party in an ancient Armenian church has sent shockwaves through Armenia. (Gateway Pundit)

The Akhtamar church fell into disrepair following the 1915 mass killings and deportations of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, which many countries and historians regard as the first genocide of the twentieth century. It was thoroughly renovated and turned into a state museum in March 2007. The Turkish government, which spent $1.5 million on the renovation, has since resisted calls to return the church to its previous owner, the Istanbul Patriarchate of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It has only allowed Turkey’s remaining Armenian community to hold religious serves on the tiny island once a year.

The MHP made no secret of the fact that the prayer service was a response to the Akhtamar mass. The party’s senior leader, Devlet Bahceli, personally led a crowd of several hundred nationalists into the ruins of Ani, located on the Turkish-Armenian border, to the accompaniment of Ottoman military marches played by a Janissary-style brass band. Turkish television images showed the crowd waving Turkish flags and chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before saying prayers in and around the Armenian cathedral. (more)


Blackwhite: ErdoÄŸan’s Big Lie About Israel

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  1. Turkey? Joke country, joke culture. Silly place full of genocidal cowardly hypocritical two-faced pompous maniacs.

    Still, nice with a beer and some roast potatoes at Christmas.

  2. how you categorise us is problematic. Arj , isnt your country a place full of anti-genocidal bravely honest one faced intellectuals? if it is not, i m ready to change my mind. Actually, i cant understand how my grand-granddady commits a suicide in anatolia while he was living Poti, Georgia in 1915. and, i just realised that i m living in a joke country, silly place full of genocidal cowardly hypocritical two-faced pompous maniacs. Thank you, Arj!!

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