Jesus, the Muslim Prophet, on Capitulation Hill

Religion of usurpers:

Abdul Malik:  “we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.” (source)

Check out Isa, the Muslim Jesus: a totally different figure from the Christian messiah:

‘Isa’- the Muslim Jesus

Serb Christian woman treated with the love of the Muslim Jesus…..

“Isa’-, Muhammad’s perverted Jesus, has nothing in common with the Jesus of the Christians……

‘Isa’ Will Abolish Christianity

‘Muslims believe Jesus will come back, break the cross and lead the war against the kaffirs’-

There’s more: Jesus will come back, break the cross, kill the swine and abolish the jiziyah.

The swine, that’s us folks, just in case you’re wondering. (Read it all)

Atlas reports on The Annual Muslim Prayer Demo on Capitulation Hill:

Just a Few Hundred Turned Up!

Islam on Capitol Hill, a Bust, But Plenty of Hateful Rhetoric

They said there would be 100,000 Muslims on the hill, it was, in fact,   a couple of hundred according to CNN who generally inflates those numbers (and deflates ours.) Perhaps Imam Anjem Choudary on Christiane Amanpour’s panel vowing that the flag of Islam would fly over the White House gave them pause and they thought perhaps this is not a good photo op at this time.

Hundreds of Muslims turned out Friday for a new annual event in Washington called Islam on Capitol Hill, the event’s organizer said Saturday.

The event saw hundreds of Muslim children touring the halls of Congress, hours of prayers and speeches on the Capitol lawn, and a banquet at a hotel off the National Mall.

“It’s important for young Muslims to understand the beauty of this country – that this is a land of freedom, even though there may bepeople objecting to building a mosque in New York or threatening to burn the Quran,” said Abdul Malik, the event’s organizer.

Here is last year’s coverage at Atlas — it was far larger.

Speaking is Imam Abdul Malik who pulls all registers of the usual grievance theater……

Abdul Malik, chaplain of the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority and former Office Manager of CAIR-New York: Malik has likened President George W. Bush to a “slave master,” and has stated that “we don’t want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy.” link

Imam Abdul Malik, formerly of CAIR-New York, is the New York City Metro Transit Authority Chaplain, and is called by Islam On-Line “the permanent khatib [speaker] at the United Nations Masjid [Muslim place of worship] in New York.” In a letter addressed to the White House, Marty Elsant, the co-founder of the Virtual Israel Political Action Committee (VIPAC), stated that, in an October 17, 2002 speech given to a student organization at the City College of New York entitled “Women in Islam,” Malik had “defended terrorist-murder in Israel.”link

5 thoughts on “Jesus, the Muslim Prophet, on Capitulation Hill”

  1. * ‘Muslims believe Jesus will come back, break the cross and lead the war against the kaffirs’-

    “And it was given to him [Antichrist] to make war on the saints and to overcome them: and there was given to him authority over every tribe and people and language and nation.” (Revelation 13:7)

    muslims have no idea of what their “god” is, and where islam is taking them.

  2. Islam is a Religion of Peace. Everybody knows that good Muslims never do the things they do, (because Allah does it for them, Quran 8:12) and we know that only our misperceptions, ignorance and stereotyping of Islam makes Muslims chop off heads, kill and rape women and children, bomb subways, buses, nightclubs and fly jets into buildings. If it wasn’t for the media and da Jooozzz, we wouldn’t even know its happening.
    So what your saying is its our fault that Muslims are Sadistic Murders? The media should not report the truth of what Radical Muslims are doing to Christians and anyone who wont subject themselves to the Muslim faith?
    If their are any “Good” Muslims, they would ban together and stop the bad from doing the Horrific things their fellow Muslims are doing , in order to show the world their are “Good” Muslims. And yet You make excuses for them, defend them and what they are doing. How can You rationalize their behavior and watch them murder Innocent women and children. You people are sick and in need of Psychological evaluation if you believe the woman in the pic above deserved to be Murdered & Mutilated for being a Christian. If anything, it shows that Islam is not the Innocent and Loving Religion you say it is!
    I am a Christian, I’ll tell you right now if my Christian brothers did these type of things to people because they would not submit to Christianity, I would die protecting them. I would not allow them to commit such a murderous act towards another human being.
    Yes, we had in our history leaders of our faith that also committed Horrific crimes towards humanity, (Ancient History) we no longer allow those things to occur, and when they do , they are held accountable for their actions. The New Testament, Christs word is what we live our life by now.
    Christ preached to all people, Jews and Gentiles. His Love changes the hearts of all men, women and children whom want to change, and still dose.
    Muslims take it upon themselves to Judge them for that choice? You say you believe Jesus to be a Profit yet you Pervert what he said, he said “Love Your Neighbor” “Do unto others , As you would have done to you”, he also said “Judge them not, or you shall be judged in the same manner as you have judged them.”

  3. “””Islam is a Religion of Peace”””

    The f*ck it is! So sick of this hypocrisy. Your cult and its very founder, your so called “prophet”, has engaged in mass killings, rapes, pedophilia for CENTURIES. Yet you keep babbling this “religion of piece” bull crap. Give it up already.

  4. >>Islam is a Religion of Peace.>>

    Yes, I saw the photo of christian women above…

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