Obama: "All of you know who I am…"

I don’t think so. If the leftards who worship this jackass had the faintest idea who Hussein O really is, they would be horrified!

Hussein the impostor loses seal of authority. An omen…? I would have preferred if it fell on his head, but hey, I never got a chance or a choice……..

In other news:

Gingrich brands Democrats ‘party of food stamps’

According to CNN, (via eye on the world) The number of Americans receiving food stamps rose to a record 41.8 million in July and approximately one in eight Americans participate in the program, according to the USDA, with the average household subsidy receiving $294 a month.

“Most Americans would like to get a paycheck,” Gingrich said. “Most Americans would not like to be forced to have food stamps handed out by liberal Democrats.”

White Working Class Americans Obama’s Biggest Problem

4 thoughts on “Obama: "All of you know who I am…"”

  1. Is that symbolism or what?
    Perhaps it is an omen of things to come…if you believe in omens.

  2. As the Presidential seal falls so will the Lying Mohammedan Foreign Born Usurper, British by birth and later Indonesian CITIZEN HUSSEIN Obama.

  3. I wish people would cut out all the B.S. about Obama. There is enough evidence to support that Obama was not born in America. There is evidence to support the fact that Obama’s education was paid for by Prince Alawleed bin Talal through a fund he set-up specifically for Barack. There were also funds that Obama received for his campaigns as Senator and President from foreign sources that are illegal. It should be obvious to all now that most of Obama’s appointees are either liberal-leftists or Islamists, including the Jewish ones. Let us all hope that the public return the Republicans massively to Congress.

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