Merkel in Damage Control: Muslims must obey law, not sharia…

Good luck with that. The Koranimals  will not be impressed.

(Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Wednesday Muslims must obey the constitution and not sharia law if they want to live in Germany, which is debating the integration of its 4 million-strong Muslim population.

In the furor following a German central banker’s blunt comments about Muslims failing to integrate, moderate leaders including President Christian Wulff have urged Germans to accept that “Islam also belongs in Germany.”

Wulff appears to be a fool of biblical proportions,  because he also wants to give Turkey “a fair EU-chance”

But not only that:

Wulff meinte außerdem: “Wenn wir also hier offen sind für Moscheen und Muslime und den Islam, dann ist doch eine Selbstverständlichkeit, dass die Türkei auch offen sein muss für das Christentum.”

Translation: “If we allow Muslims to build mosques and to proselytize for Islam, then it is obvious (self-evident) that Turkey MUST be open to  (accept) Christianity…..

Somewhere in Germany, a village is missing   its village idiot…….

The debate comes against a backdrop of U.S. and British concerns over the threat of terrorist attacks by militant Islamists living in Germany, with Berlin toning down such fears.

Merkel faces corresponding discussions inside her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) about whether she is conservative enough, and the center-right leader’s latest comments seemed directed at those who think Wulff went too far in appeasing the Muslims.

“I’m your president too”. Muslims: repeat what we tell you: “there is no God besides Allah and Muhammad is his profit…”

Wulff, who has a largely ceremonial role, used a speech on Sunday celebrating two decades of German reunification to urge harmonious integration of immigrants who until a decade ago were considered “guest workers” who would eventually return home.

But whereas the media stressed Wulff’s comments about Islam, Merkel — the daughter of a Protestant pastor brought up in East Germany, who leads a predominantly Catholic party — said Wulff had emphasized Germany’s “Christian roots and its Jewish roots.”

German Christian Democrats often cite shared Judeo-Christian values rooted in the early history of Christianity because of sensitivities about the Holocaust, when the Nazis murdered six million Jews during World War Two.

“Now we obviously also have Muslims in Germany. But it’s important in regard to Islam that the values represented by Islam must correspond with our constitution,” said Merkel.

“What applies here is the constitution, not sharia.”

Merkel said Germany needed imams “educated in Germany and who have their social roots here” and concluded: “Our culture is based on Christian and Jewish values and has been for hundreds of years, not to say thousands.”

Opinion polls suggest many Germans sympathize with the views of an outspoken member of Germany’s Bundesbank who, in speeches and a book, accused Muslims of sponging off welfare, refusing to integrate and achieving poor levels of education.

Thilo Sarrazin, who also offended Jews with comments about genetics, was forced to quit the central bank. Merkel has tried to accommodate both sides of the debate, saying police should not be afraid of entering immigrant neighborhoods but also that Germans must accept mosques becoming part of their landscape.


She was for it before she was against it:

Merkel showed some courage earlier, when she honored Kurt Westergaard for free speech:

Germany: Merkel speaks at event honoring Motoonist Kurt Westergaard

Predictably, “Aiman Mazyek of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany said in a statement: ‘Merkel is honoring the cartoonist who in our view trampled on our Prophet and trampled on all Muslims’.”

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  1. “dann ist doch eine Selbstverständlichkeit, dass die Türkei auch offen sein muss für das Christentum.”

    then we should naturally assume that Turkey is also open for Christianity”.

  2. I love your blog – but I am afraid you have made a very small mistake. The correct translation would be:
    then it is obvious (self-evident) that Turkey MUST be open for (accept) christianity.
    This is not an assumption – it is a demand!

    [dann ist doch eine Selbstverständlichkeit, dass die Türkei auch offen sein MUSS für das Christentum.”]

  3. Well yes, he is pretty awful, but he only won because nobody liked the other two candidates. It was a purely internal “who will make the least waves” party political decision.

    You have to feel a little bit of pity for Merkel tho’ just look at her face.

  4. Islam certainly did belong to Germany in WW11 with the Balkan MOHAMMEDAN SS Divisions raised by Hitlers buddy the Mufti of Jerusalem. BTW even the SS thought the Mohammedans were too violent and barbaric.

  5. Nazism suffered from a deadly wound back in 1945, but it seems to be coming back to life, using islam as its vector.

  6. Motors of Madness:,1518,721818,00.html

    Motors of Integration
    German University Starts Seminars for Imams

    [They intervene in cultural conflicts, marital disputes and dealings with the German authorities: Muslim spiritual leaders deal with the everyday and the soul. Osnabrück University has become the first in Germany to offer seminars for imams. Many hope it will prove a boon for integration.

    “Islam also belongs to Germany,” said German President Christian Wulff during Sunday’s speech to mark the 20th anniversary of German reunification. The comments provoked massive outrage.

    Conservative politicians are now warning against treating Islam the same as Christianity and Judaism. But parallel to the heated debate, democratic Islam is embedding itself in Germany: For the first time ever, imams are going to be trained at a German university. It is a development long fought for by many German politicians.

    The signal sent out by Osnabrück could hardly be more important. The German state is creating partners in its dialogue with Islam: imams trained in state institutions. ]

  7. In Afrikaans, there’s a saying “moenie wolf skaapwagter maak nie”… it means “don’t make wolf the shepherd”…

    Did they make Wulff the shepherd?

  8. gsw and Co,
    The folks in Germany are getting very tired of the mohammedans Рunfortunately extreme left wing alliances (ie K̦ln) are selling the German people out to the new invaders for political capital Рit can only last for a while but there is now a waking realization that the massive birthrates of the mohammedan invaders will cause massive problem for Europe in 50 years or less unless immediately checked.

  9. Herr Merkel can take her crap to israel and lecture about history because Aryanism is at the foundation of European culture, values, and heritage–and the archaeology is now showing it. Christianity was welcomed into Europe, i.e. Aryan-Christianity, but for thousands of years the Judeo-part has been trying to weasel its way into our value system and for 2000 years they have failed and will continue to do so. Islam is a nice hedge against this new found, so-called Judeo-Christian heritage myth of Europeans which is only about 60 years old now, not thousands of years. Peace is when the judeans go back to where they came from, the desert in Saudi Arabia, not Europe.

  10. Mullah Lodabullah October 7, 2010 at 11:01 am
    Nazism suffered from a deadly wound back in 1945, but it seems to be coming back to life, using islam as its vector.

    🙂 It’s 4 million people in Germany to join the movement. That’s easily 5% to join the federal parliament coupled with other groups. There was a reason the Nazis were allied with Muslims against the Judeo-hyphenateds–both were being oppressed by them throughout the world, including Muslims being genocided by the judeo-bolsheviks, along with Aryans, Christians, and everyone else who didn’t bow down to the almight judeo-supremacism. The present dynamic is different with a large number of Muslims on the continent compared to last time, but the situation remains the same as it is was 80 years ago when the two forces were brought together.

    Herr Merkel wants to lecture about heritage, most of the real German heritage is banned by the constitution, including free speech–by the judeans.

  11. kaw October 8, 2010 at 6:58 am
    The folks in Germany are getting very tired of the mohammedans –

    Just as much as everyone is sick of israel and the judeans, along with their sell-out neo-nazi, neo-kkk morons stuck up their butt who deserve the same fate as israel and the judeans.

  12. Realist October 7, 2010 at 9:33 am
    Islam certainly did belong to Germany in WW11 with the Balkan MOHAMMEDAN SS Divisions raised by Hitlers buddy the Mufti of Jerusalem.

    🙂 The good ol’ days. Muslims sure do have the judeans’ numbers when they don’t have Russians, Europeans, or Americans doing all their fighting and dirty work for them.

  13. Heinrich,
    I dont think ANYONE is sick of the Israelis. The israelis mind their own business, and the Jewish folks continue to excel in the arts, science, and lierature. The mohammedans excel in lying, stealing and violence. And who are the sell-out crowd you gibly refer to??

  14. Hard to believe there are bigoted liars like Heinrich..I’m glad you told him to find another blog! Is his last name Himmler?

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