Obama "troubled" by resistance to Socialism & Islam

Obama indentified Americans as enemies [Flopping Aces]

Barack Obama is not my President. I am his enemy, and Obama’s the one who decided that.

Too bad he can’t just eliminate the opposition, like a proper African dictator would:

Obama urges ‘steps’ after election, calls GOP stance ‘troubling’- (sounds like a threat to me….)

Imam Obama wants to work together. He’s “troubled” that Republicans are in no mood for compromising…. (The Hill)

Racist Headline of the Week: Hussein  Obama Rushing to ….. Campaign for Coons This Weekend

What’s wrong with killer kiddies?


The Obama administration has decided to exempt Yemen and three other countries that use child soldiers from U.S. penalties under the 2008 Child Soldiers Prevention Act. (AP)

While Obama spends countless hours forcing the Jews to ethnically cleanse their capital of its Jews and give up the precious land of their tiny state, he is doubling aid to Yemen — he handles jihadist countries much differently.

The 9/11 terrorists weren’t “Muslim excremists” or just plain “Muslims.” A liberal newspaper reporter says they were model Muslims.

Islamofascism: O’Reilly, Whoopi and Joy are all wrong. The 9/11 terrorists weren’t “Muslim extremists” or just plain “Muslims.” A liberal newspaper reporter says they were model Muslims.

More precisely, they were “perfect soldiers” for Allah, says Los Angeles Times national correspondent Terry McDermott.(Investors.com)

What Progress?

Hussein Obama, America’s Marxist Muslim POTUS, is very worried that all the Socialist “progress” of his first two years in office  would  be “rolled back” if America doesn’t vote for the Socialist party again in November.   (Breitbart)

Michelle Malkin on Democrat Voter Fraud

7 thoughts on “Obama "troubled" by resistance to Socialism & Islam”

  1. I love listening to both Michelle and Megan on any topic they chose to talk about…Really smart, lucid women. Good stuff from American soil.

  2. Well, one thing Obama’s Presidency has done is uncover the extensive, sick underbelly of racism that is still present in this country. His presidency turned over the rock beneath which countless republican/teabagger racists were seen to be scurrying for another safe, damp place of darkness, to hide. You can see it in the actions of the teabagger/republican’s own representatives. Mitch mcconnell has admitted the republican modus operandi of voting against any of Obama’s legislation is nothing but an effort to get the “black man” the hell out of the White House. Even if it’s bad for America. It’s the republican “I hope he fails” philosophy. And everyone, with one iota of honesty, knows it.

  3. The fact is that Communists and Islamists have no respect for Democracy. In fact if they felt they could achieve it, you would see an enforced Dictatorship overnight, by Obama’s edict.
    Keep your guns and be ready to use them, especially against the Islamic militia that has developed out of released prisoners, who have converted to the Paedophile Mohammeds ideology, and are located in over 40 camps and in training.

    Furthermore check: http://www.petitiononline.com/MYSTIC/petition.html

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