Mark Steyn: Bowing to Islam

Bowing to Islam’s view (of us)


While I’ve been talking about free speech in Copenhagen, several free speech issues arose in North America. I was asked about them both at the Sappho Award event and in various interviews, so here’s a few thoughts for what they’re worth:

Too many people in the free world have internalized Islam’s view of them. A couple of years ago, I visited Guantanamo and subsequently wrote that, if I had to summon up Gitmo in a single image, it would be the brand-new copy of the Koran in each cell: To reassure incoming prisoners that the filthy infidels haven’t touched the sacred book with their unclean hands, the Korans are hung from the walls in pristine, sterilized surgical masks. It’s one thing for Muslims to regard infidels as unclean, but it’s hard to see why it’s in the interests of us infidels to string along with it and thereby validate their bigotry. What does that degree of prostration before their prejudices tell them about us? It’s a problem that Muslims think we’re unclean. It’s a far worse problem that we go along with it.

Take this no-name pastor from an obscure church who was threatening to burn the Koran. He didn’t burn any buildings or women and children. He didn’t even burn a book. He hadn’t actually laid a finger on a Koran, and yet the mere suggestion that he might do so prompted the president of the United States to denounce him, and the secretary of state, and the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, various G7 leaders, and golly, even Angelina Jolie. President Obama has never said a word about honor killings of Muslim women. Secretary Clinton has never said a word about female genital mutilation. General Petraeus has never said a word about the rampant buggery of pre-pubescent boys by Pushtun men in Kandahar. But let an obscure man in Florida so much as raise the possibility that he might disrespect a book – an inanimate object – and the most powerful figures in the Western world feel they have to weigh in.

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There are no jokes in Islam

Kiwi Jihad

Muslims demand apology for New Zealand PM’s stoning joke, but where is the indignation about the real thing?

The jokes:

“What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery.”

And making light of a weather forecast: “Shi’ite in the morning and Sunni in the afternoon.” (NZ Herald)

Shocka:   Gitmo rations detainees’ ice cream portions

If that doesn’t call for jihad I don’t know what does….

Ice cream is allegedly being tightly measured at Guantanamo Bay, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees

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MPAC shows yet again that it would rather impede anti-terror efforts than help them

In July 2005, Robert Spencer wrote this about MPAC’s “National Anti-Terrorism Campaign”: “the concern here seems to be less on rooting out jihadists from within American Muslim communities than on protecting Muslims from uncomfortable attention from law enforcement.”

And here we are again. “MPAC’s One-Way Street on Cooperation,” from IPT News, September 30

The  far left crackpots from Salon  of course promote the usual Mohammedan propaganda, which is gleefully reported at Bunglawussi Watch:

US Muslim organisations play vital role in combating terrorism, report finds

They also repeat  and double up on the lie that  “a Muslim was the first to report to law enforcement last May the suspicious vehicle in Times Square which turned out to be a dud car bomb.”

UK: Police “sorry,” “deeply sorry,” express “real regret” over cameras in Muslim neighborhoods

No, its not a joke. But counterterrorism efforts in the UK are.

After all, how could they ever have gotten the idea that anything illegal would ever be going on in a Muslim neighborhood? But fear not: aghast over being exposed as greasy Islamophobes, they are bowing and scraping with more energy than Obama in front of King Abdullah.

“Police apologise over CCTV in Muslim areas,” by Danielle Dwyer and Wesley Johnson in The Independent, September 30 (thanks to JW: