Poverty causes terrorism: British Airways computer expert offered himself as a suicide bomber….

But not to worry: suicide bombing is un-Islamic, real muslims wouldn’t do a thing like that. Right?

Backstory here/Hat tip Atlas Shrugs

A British Airways computer expert from Newcastle who is alleged to have offered himself as a suicide bomber has appeared in court.

Al BeBeeCeera

Rajib Karim is accused of planning suicide bombings and his own martyrdom, and fundraising for the purposes of terrorism. He was arrested in February.

No pleas were entered when the 30-year-old appeared at Winchester Crown Crown Court earlier.

He remains in custody and is due to go on trial on 12 January 2011.

Mr Karim was arrested while working for the airline’s call centre in Newcastle.

He faces two charges of engaging in conduct in the preparation of terrorism acts, under 2006 anti-terror legislation.

He is also accused of one count of fundraising for the purpose of terrorism and one count of possessing a record containing terrorist material, both under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The four charges relate to alleged crimes between 13 April 2006 and 25 February this year.

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  1. * And he is NOT a computer expert!

    He is a “software developer”, who wouldn’t have been permitted anywhere near BA’s call centre, or anything to do with aircraft / airlines, in a sane world…

    BA terror suspect Rajib Karim ‘offered advice to overseas militants’
    March 12, 2010

    [Mr Karim was arrested in a raid on BA offices in Newcastle, where he was a software developer. Colin Gibbs, for the prosecution, said Mr Karim had offered to pass on information gleaned from cabin crew training — which the airline made available to company volunteers so that services could be kept running during a strike.

    He said that Mr Karim had offered advice to overseas contacts about how to overcome airport security, including details of liquid allowances on aircraft, security scanners and the questions asked by immigration officials.]

    [BA said Mr Karim had not received aircrew training. “There is no way this individual would have been considered for cabin crew work because he did not meet the criteria,” said a spokesman.]

    * Maybe he could sue BA for breaches of his “human rights”.

    1. There are thousands more like him!
      Europe’s airports are beleaguered by Mohammedan taxi drivers, baggage handlers, security geeks and who knows what.

      Immigration, police, the polit-bureau as well as customs are infiltrated.

      The question is now: who will throw the first stone? Or better: who will light the first fuse?

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