Russia: "Sharia courts may reduce tension and [encourage] the growth of tolerance in society…”

No s#*t! But you can’t blame the Muslims for not trying:

Muslim activist asks if Sharia courts constitutional in Russia

A lawyer and head of the Al-Fatkh Muslim organization in St. Petersburg, Dzhamaliddin Makhmutov, has sent a letter to Russia’s Constitutional Court asking if the introduction of advisory Sharia courts is lawful.

“I am putting forward the civil initiative of creating a Sharia court, which may reduce tension and [encourage] the growth of tolerance in society,” the daily quoted him as saying. “Together with labor migrants, Islam has entered the streets of our cities and not to notice this means to avoid solving the problem,” he noted. (More)

Radical Muslims Aim to Seize Power in Bulgaria (GoV)

Salafists are at work in Bulgaria; local standoff with police.

Here’s the translated article from DNES. Notice that the radical group was established in the Netherlands and funded by the Saudis — brand-new cultural enrichment for Bulgaria, courtesy of the European Union: Read more »

Bulgaria is the perfect little spot in the Euro-heartland to not only establish a narco-jihad statelet, but also  to launch raids into other countries……

Bulgarian police come down with Islamophobia, raid offices of Islamic foundation (JW)

They found “a large number of propaganda papers with radical content preaching religious hatred.” What? In an Islamic foundation? There must be some mistake! “Bulgarian police raid offices of Islamic foundation,” from AFP (no online link), October 6

France warns citizens: Jihad attack in Britain “highly likely”

London Tube Driver Planned Terror Mission ‘for Allah’…

“Allah comes first…”

‘He told her (his wife)  to tell the children that he loved them very much but that he had to go for the sake of Allah because Allah and his prophet Mohammed came first.’ Ali denies one charge of preparation for acts of terrorism. The case continues.

How comfortable must Londoners be with the fact that people like this are allowed access to the strategic transport infrastructure of one of the world’s pre-eminent cities?

Michigan State University’s School of Journalism publishes manual for journalists to help them whitewash Islamic jihad

Pamela Geller has noted the same tendency to whitewash the way in which Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism on the part of the Society of Professional Journalists, here.

“It is permissible to use [innovations] to deceive the disbelievers in dar al-harb”

Bid’a is innovation in Islamic doctrine or practice. It is considered a serious sin, since Islamic doctrine and practice is supposed to have been set entirely by Allah through Muhammad. This idea tends to discourage Islamic reform, including reform of the aspects of Islamic doctrine that call for warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. But this explanation of bid’a (bid’at in Turkish) from Serenity Fountain, a Turkish Sunni site, allows for the appearance of innovation, so as to deceive unbelievers. The particular text below is online here

5 thoughts on “Russia: "Sharia courts may reduce tension and [encourage] the growth of tolerance in society…””

  1. As noted here before, the “solution” to islam and its baggage is always … more islam (accommodation, sharia courts, halal food …). What better than to ‘reduce tension’ (caused by islamisation), promote tolerance, diversity, peace and harmony … pigs are haram, but they are always well fed, and ready to fly.

  2. Amir Ali looks like the combination of a billy goat’s beard on a billy goat’s genitalia.

  3. * Salafists are at work in Bulgaria; local standoff with police

    Dog Day Afternoon – the usual fog of willful ignorance rolls in. can any “news” service ever report these enrichment events without adding the “not anti-islam” disclaimer?

    Raid on radical group was not ‘anti-Islam’, Bulgarian prosecutors say

    [Bulgarian authorities have rejected allegations that the October 6 2010 special operation against an unregistered Muslim group was anti-Islamic.

    Prosecutors, Interior Ministry officials and the State Agency for National Security carried out the operation in southern Bulgaria against an Al Waqf Al Islami group.

    On October 7, prosecutor Neli Popova said that about 30 sacks of evidence had been confiscated, including documents in Arabic, personal notes, computers, laptops, flash memory cards, as well as large sums in leva, euro and Arab state currencies.]

    [Simov said that while the operation included raids on local imams’ homes, it was not directed against Islam.]

    [The October 6 raids sparked outrage among residents of towns where the operation took place, with several hundred residents of Lazhnitsa reportedly crowding around the home of Imam Kamber to obstruct State Agency for National Security Agents and police from seizing material at the imam’s house.

    Bulgarian National Television (BNT) reported residents as alleging that the raids were the result of a power struggle within Bulgaria’s Muslims about who is the legitimate Chief Mufti, the spiritual leader of the country’s Muslim community.

    BNT quoted Lazhnitsa mayor Bajram Razmanov as saying that imams who supported Mustapha Hadji, the rival to Chief Mufti Nedim Gendzhev, were “under attack at the moment”.]

    [Gendzhev is Chief Mufti following a court decision in Bulgaria which overturned the 2008 election of Hadji. The issue has been a continuing public issue for several months, drawing in political parties, Government ministers and leading to protest marches by Muslims.

    Residents told BNT that they wanted an inventory of the books seized, to ensure that these all were returned and that no incriminating material was planted by investigators.

    On October 7, prosecutors said that there were links between suspects in the Al Waqf Al Islami and radical Islam. The previous day, Prosecutor-General Boris Velchev said that preparations for the special operation had been underway for several months.]

    * Will any of the “intelligence” services ever connect the dots, and find allah’s fingerprints all over them? All this “nothing to do with islam” routine makes as much sense as a builder saying that salt damp “has nothing to do with salt”.

  4. ‘Al Waqf-Al Islami has denied being involved in any form of criminal activity and describes itself as a charitable organisation, involved in education and other issues.”


    Jihad is a religious obligation for every Muslim and those who resist are criminals. Al Waqf-Al Islami is a charity organization like Hamas and teaches the Koran, sira & hadith. “Other issues” means ………… open ended warfare against unbelievers until the world is Islamic.

    The Bulgarian prosecutors must be reading WoJ, because they seem to be well informed that “resistance to Islam causes wars and the infidels are responsible for them. ”

    (Go to Islamic scholar Bassam Tibi for more)

  5. * London Tube Driver Planned Terror Mission ‘for Allah’…

    Watch him depart from Platform 1
    To blow the Bakerloo train at Paddington
    allah and son, the work’s never done
    There’s always something new

    The bomb’s in the guard’s van
    The control’s in his hand
    Time those infidels blew
    And he’s been “praying” all day all day all day

    The mosque never knew
    What he planned to do
    Or so they always say
    “We are shocked! we are shocked!” as they explain it away

    The Met has no clue
    Diverse through and through
    When chased by a mob of muslim yobs
    The kaffir police run away, away, away

    The blatant PC sham
    “Nothing to do with islam”
    The spineless leaders say
    As the UK is in decay, decay, decay

    (not sung by yusuf islam)

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