British Euro MP Gerard Batten Stands Up For Wilders

Thanks to Undhimmi

A long time in coming, but a mainstream EU politician (albeit one who would like to see the EU consigned to history) speaks out. Like us, he does not agree with absolutely everything Wilders has to say, but recognises publicly – unlike the vast majority of other elected politicians in Europe – that this trial amounts to little more than a left-wing, politically-correct show trial.

2 thoughts on “British Euro MP Gerard Batten Stands Up For Wilders”

  1. Thanks, Sheik, for digging up this info. for us. We are starved for info . about how Geert is faring.

  2. We have to destroy those left wing scum that organised this farce in the first case. We need their names, and we need to expose them and WE CAN DO THIS through political process. I suggest that we expose these scum for what they are and then get the people to bury them in the refuse pit of failed left wing agitators.

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