Schlockery & Mockery: Who is Driving Daisy the Victim in the Arms of Al Qaeda?


Muslim-sympathizer Anderson Cooper gets a smackdown:

COOPER: “But the Muslims building the Ground Zero mosque are not terrorists.”

ELLMERS: “We don’t know that.”

Anderson Cooper really makes an ass of himself in this vid. He asks the lowest kind of questions, and wonders why he comes across as a lowlife…..

Thanks to Barenaked Islam: NORTH CAROLINA: ‘Anti-Ground Zero Mosque’ Renee Ellmers for Congress

One of the commenters really gets it:

Cooper dug a grave for himself. The main thrust of his argument was that becuase of past precedents it’s ok for conquerors to build victory memorials. So he is admitting he believes that the muslims are the victorious conquerors in this and they should be allowed to build a memorial to their victory because other “religions” have already set the precedent. Did no-one else notice this??

Mosque Masquerade: Malice or Mendacity? More Daisy Cons and Lies

Tools like Ammanwhore put us on the defensive……

Death threats? Death threats my ass……!

The wife of the imam behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque told ABC they have received death threats…
But they’re going ahead with their mosque anyway.

On the same broadcast Muslim leader Anjem Choudary, a former British solicitors and Islamic cleric, told an audience this week that eventually you’ll see global Islamic rule including here in the United States.
The AP reported;

Watching Amanpour’s pathetic panel earlier today was painful. So many jihadist moments vying for worst moment — the vile Goebbels-inspired Reza Aslan calling Rob Spencer a neo-nazi was one of them, for example (here).


Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of Rev. Billy Graham, called Islam “wicked” and “evil” on Sunday during a televised town hall-style discussion about American’s feelings about the religion.

“They want to build as many mosques and cultural centers as they possibly can so they can convert as many Americans as they can to Islam,” Graham said on ABC’s “This Week.” (Politico)

Pamela Geller:

Earlier today on Christiane Amanpour’s abhorrent offering to Islam, we were subjected to Daisy Khan making fun of Ayaan Hirsi Ali for having to havesecurity guards. Daisy the con claimed that she too received threats, but she wouldn’t have guards because “this was America,” and she didn’t want to cost the taxpayer money. Why would we pick up her tab? The taxpayer doesn’t pay Wafa Sultan’s tab or Molly Norris’s witness protection tab or my tab or Spencer’s or Ibn Warraq’s. Why hers, if there really had been a threat?

Color me skeptical. I don’t believe she has received credible threats (neither do I. Read it all, here: Mosquerade)

Disgusting, the way Ammanwhore rigged the debate, which never happened:

13 thoughts on “Schlockery & Mockery: Who is Driving Daisy the Victim in the Arms of Al Qaeda?”

  1. They talk propaganda…always pulling on heart strings always out to bait the heart so that reason ….no really sanity …cannot prevail against their intentions which are to enslave our minds even more in their quadmire of trying to pull one over on the American public that they have a religion which surpasses our own democracy as they mock us ….the nerve to tell us he should be the first to die if a mosque is built at ground zero and Muslims attack ground zero again…..what the h___ is he talking about…..doesn’t sound like much of a risk since why would Bin Ladin attack his victory mosque? Then he wants to tell us it is “the right thing to do” like he knows what is right and we don’t…..and right for him to “protect” us in case there is another attack…as though god forbid he should die in this theoretical attack it would save us??? It is so obvious how much contempt Daisy and her Iman have for “us” by the level of stupidity they infer that we have. I do however pick up on how desperatly he wants to clean America up. Daisy of course wants our protection mistaking themselves for priviledged gods….who think can untimately decide what is good for us ….Do you think it would be a good thing if he converted all NYC’s prostitutes?

  2. The most terrifying comment in the video was by “the egg head expert”
    at the end of the interview where he stated that here were 600,000 Muslims in NY… Who the F**k let the F*****s in?

    The Solution to the Islamic Menace = Identification + internment + repatriation to an Islamic shit hole of their choosing.

  3. A very valid question, Aussie.

    Only 300 years ago we were beating them back at the Gates of Vienna.
    200 years ago Thomas Jefferson got America to build a navy to beat the Algeriennes and the Barbary ‘corsairs’ from raiding the US merchant fleet in the Mediterranean, stealing their goods and enslaving the crews.

    The French colonized Algeria, and the infrastructure the French left behind in Algeria is all they have to this very day, they have nothing else to show for.
    Italy occupied Libya for just about 30 years, same story: Gaddafi gets compo in spite of the fact that everything that works in Libya was built when the bad Italian colonizers “exploited” them.

    30 years ago Turkey conquered and occupied the northern part of Cyprus, killed thousands, raped thousands, thousands “disappeared”.

    What has the West done to throw the Turks out?

    There will be blood!

  4. Historically, it was Christians that were persecuted by the Romans! (thrown at the lions…etc. etc.0

    From A.D. 70, churches were a result of Christians coming together and worshiping at each others’ homes. Historically they did not build on the religious sites of pagans.

    From its inception, Islam used its armies to conquer other people and converted their religious sites to Islamic ones.

    The Kaaba in Mecca was a pagan shrine since 60 B.C.

    Muhammad turned it into a mosque after the Meccans were defeated….and then he claimed that it was where Abraham worshipped…but from their inception, that is HISTORICALLY, Muslims have built their mosques in/on religious sites of their enemies.

    Consequently, this is a victory mosque (as the reporter ultimately implies by his generalization that can be made of Islam, but not of Christianity) it declares Islam’s victory over the death of 3000 Americans….why should we Americans want that?

    As regards to the Pilgrims..they built a church on American land…it was not an Indian religious site!

  5. Though Mecca had a shrine since 60 B.C. Mohammad conquered it in 630 A.D. (He was born round 570 A.D.)… Mo died round 632 A.D., and Jeusalem was conquered round A.D. 638…

  6. Also take note that in A.D. 90 – 638 there were Christians living in Mecca….they had their own churches…they had not built on the Meccan shrine…hence, Christians were not building religious victory sites….but once Mohammed took over, Islam did in fact make it a point to do so in order to show superiority(only in violence) over these religions.

    As an aside, it ought to be pointed out that according to the Koran, all Muslims will go to hell….Sura Al-Maryam 70-72…. shouldnt Muslim wonder why?….consequently, will we be accused of bigotry(by the leftards) if we tell Muslims that they will go to hell?!

  7. Hence:

    Mohammad will go to hell…

    Osama will go to hell…

    Gaddafi will go to hell…

    Rauf will go to hell…

    The 3 or 4 Caliphs of the “golden age” will go to hell…

    Ok…that is what the Koran says…but now let’s ask a basic question…if the Koran sends all Muslims to hell…which ones are the good ones?

    We need to know in order to answer the leftard reporters? Well…since all of them use the Koran, let’s use the Koran and the Hadiths to determine accordingly which ones are the better ones…

    If you are a leftard, you will be surprised, else you truly understand what islam is really about.

  8. One more thing…

    If you’re a Muslim woman…you will go to hell as well..

    Will the fires of hell tolerate the burqa?

  9. * all Muslims will go to hell

    allah tells the truth, occasionally. The reason they will go to hell is because they reject the one name under Heaven by which man might be saved (Jesus Christ) – Acts 4:12.

  10. Mullah, well said….

    and on that note watching Ammanpour made me wonder why most non-Muslims do not have a set approach in exposing those who defend islam.

    The discussion is basic. It is about Islamic beliefs….not just any beliefs. With Christianity, the common root is Jesus, with Islam the root is Mohammad.

    Ask each and every one of those practicing Muslims what they think of Mohammad..they all admire him? do they want to be like Mohammad?

    Learn the history…

    did he lie?
    did he murder?
    did he steal?
    did he rape?
    did he commit adultery?
    did he force conversion?
    did he ask others to murder for him?
    Was he glad when others were murdered for him?
    etc. etc.

    That’s where these discussions should going…

    then begin to question how is Bin Laden or Khomeini different from Mohammed…

    let the moderates answer those…and if they cant, they do not represent Islam…

  11. * That’s where these discussions should going…

    Unfortunately, the professing Church is largely occupied with “building bridges” and giving legitimacy to islamic claims about “three great Abrahamic faiths”, interfaith dialogue, finding common ground and all the rest. The islamic [saltwater?] crocodile still has big pointy teeth, ready to snap on the unwary, ready for the death roll…

  12. I think this project of mosque center is going to create so much trouble in future for USA & more hate.

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