The Gestapo Made Sure the Peace Was Not Disturbed!

Jawohl, Herr Kommissar! Stasi & Gestapo are working overtime to keep the ‘far right populist’ Geert Wilders in check:

Keeping Tabs on Geert

Our Flemish correspondent VH reports that Geert Wilders’ public appearance in Berlin yesterday was under strict surveillance by the German government.

“Obviously the ruling Bolsheviks in the [German] capital gave the police chief Dieter Glietsch the command to send a sniffer from the state to the speech by Geert Wilders. The sniffer’s task was to immediately terminate the event if it became too much for the Islamophile Attorney.” [source]

“We will not tolerate incitement of the people” (read it all, from the Gates of Vienna)

Deutsche Schweindemocratie: Berliner Republik: Polizeipräsident Dieter Glietsch schickt Justitiar zu Geert Wilders! Tagesspiegel ausgesperrt!

Equally worrisome is this from Forbes:

Democracy on Trial: Geert Wilders Goes To Court

It may well become the trial of the century: this week, Dutch MP Geert Wilders stands before the judge on charges of “sowing hate” through his speeches and writings about Islam.

But it is not Geert Wilders who really is on trial here: it is, rather, that sacred principle of free speech on which democracy and the Enlightenment are born.

This, of course, is what makes the Wilders case so ironic – and so tragic: in speaking out to defend the free democracy of the Netherlands from the incursion of oppressive, Islamist influences and attempts to exercise power, he has been silenced by the very government he is struggling to protect.

Go figure.

The trial has been repeatedly postponed since it first opened in Amsterdam last January, after an earlier high court ruling dismissing the charges was appealed in the lower Amsterdam courts.   For Wilders, however, its timing could not come at a more strategic moment. As the founder and leader of Holland’s far-right Freedom Party (PVV), Wilders is not only Holland’s most controversial politician, but also its most-favored, ranking higher in the polls now than it did after a sweeping victory in parliamentary elections this past June.  Moreover, just last week, after months of debate, the Dutch parliament finally settled on anew coalition government that will include support from the PVV under Wilders’ leadership.

The lawsuit itself centers around Wilders’ statements comparing of the Koran to Mein Kampf , as well as other anti-Islam remarks he has made in recent years. Also at issue is his film, “Fitna,” which includes newsreel footage of terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslim extremists.  The charge – that he is inciting hate and has insulted Muslims – carries no small cost: if he loses, the 47-year-old Wilders could face a prison term of up to two years.

Yet the whole case bespeaks, in fact, the very viability of Wilders’ accusations; for not since the founding of the Third Reich have the principles of our democracy been so at risk as they have been during the nine years since 9/11, challenged at every turn by followers of Salafism and other strains of fundamentalist Islam – and by the West’s efforts at responding to radical Islam within its borders.  Hence the threats againstcartoonists who draw images of Mohammed; hence the censorship of television shows and theater productions; hence the brutal murder of filmmaker and commentator Theo van Gogh by a Muslim extremist on the streets of Amsterdam, not far from the courthouse where Geert Wilders is being tried.  Now, it is speech itself we stand to lose. It is our ideas that may be stifled and suppressed.
And so it is not just Wilders whose future is as stake, but that of Western civilization, of the ideals which are our guiding light. Agree with Mr. Wilders’ views or not, one can only hope, then, that the judges whom he faces will uphold his right to speak them; and from the courthouse steps out onto the streets, across the canals of Amsterdam and beyond, that they will defy those who try to silence him, with the sound of freedom ringing.