Stunned Fox News Executive On Obama: “We Are So In His Head”


From the New York Slimes, of all places: (via eye of the world)

From NYT:

An executive at Fox News who agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity expressed “astonishment” over Mr. Obama’s focus on the network. “We are so in his head,” he said. “Can you believe with all the other things going on in this world he’s preoccupied with Fox News?”

Really? That’s weird, is it not?

Lets see, O’Reilly still doesn’t know whether Obama is a Socialist, can’t call him Hussein, doesn’t wanna talk about the missing papers, Greta is about all kinds of things (but not that),  Schlepard Smith is too busy looking in the mirror, Schlock Jock Geraldo doesn’t know facts from fiction,  Cavuto is neither here nor there. Sean Hannity gets it,  but rarely goes there… So who’s left? Huckabee? Foggeddabboudit!

Glenn Beck?

Lets see: Glenn Beck hardly talks about the Marxist Muslim in the White House, but teaches Americans about the constitution. And you’re telling me that the magic negro gets the jitters over that?

But hey, lets have another look at Hannity: