The Despicable Nabila Ramdani

Here’s how she portrays herself: Nabila Ramdani is a Paris-born freelance journalist who specialises in Anglo-French issues, Islamic affairs, and the Arab World. (read the rest below the fold)


Here you can see this foxy  Mohammedan agit prop in a debate with Swedens  freshly elected member of parliament, Kent Ekeroth. The debate is about German chancellor Merkels  statement that multiculturalism has failed. Note that  all of her statements are build on false premises, like “Turks have helped rebuild Germany after the war” (they didn’t, they came in the late sixties during Ludwigs Ehrhards Wirtschaftswunder. Turks had no part in “rebuilding Germany.” By the time the Turks arrived, Germany was rebuild and booming. Unfortunately, Merkel herself made a statement saying exactly that, which will inevitably come to bite future generations in the ass….)

Nabila  puts the onus, the Bringschuld  (obligation) to integrate entirely on the  host country, which is contrary to any acceptable practice or historical precedence: “the successive German governments have made no genuine efforts to integrate these migrants, they were expected to go home etc…etc… (Why were they allowed to stay?)

“Merkels speech was very nationalistic”- we certainly can’t have that, not in the world of this Mohammedan shill. Nabila whines for open borders, and she means totally open borders. “Governments are failing, Islamophobia is rampant, (nothing that the ummah can’t fix) in Germany, France, Sarkozy’s fault (she certainly hates his guts) criminal foreign elements should never be evicted in the mind of this Ramdani creature, how dare any nation state go against the EU super state and the world wide Caliphate, how dare they go against Amnesia Intentional, this wonderful (Islamic) organization that enriches us beyond our wildest dreams just like the UN……

Yes. Nabila is quite a piece of work. On and on she goes,  the work that would  remain undone were it not for the soldiers of Allah,  the migrants have so much to give, to doubt it is ridiculous, they are “a huge asset” (to whom, I wonder) and all that holds them back is “discrimination” which needs to be policed, by “effective bodies” (sharia police, muttawa anyone?) on the job-market, in housing, in education…. Foreigners are victims, all governments need to implement “very strong” anti-discrimination policies to make the (unwanted Mohammedan invaders) feel at home….

Then she yammers on and on about discrimination in France, “no access to education, job opportunities, or housing even…” (you see, everything has to be given to France’s cultural enrichment brigades, they don’t have to earn it…) Nabila whines about immigrant unemployment rates of 27 %, up to 40 % for young people (nothing to do with Islam, we all know that) “not given this, not given that…. not given access to elite schools…” (how does one get into an elite school without the necessary IQ? Did I miss something here?) “They are stuck in housing estates, literally cut out….” (Hmm, and who is to blame for that? The French who pay them benefits, healthcare, etc etc?) But not to worry, Nabila sees hope in Britain, where   dhimmi-apparatchiks  see to it that the native Brits are systematically replaced by their Mohammedan overlords. France is far behind, when it comes to giving the Muselmaniacs their proper respect.  We have to learn to treat them like first class  travelers.

Then comes the hammer: “There is a clear attempt to exclude the Muslim legacy within the European union,  its not fair, when people migrate, they come with the religion, with a culture, with a history, there should be room for that, unfair to drop all that very valuable (sic) luggage at the doorstep to become French only, that doesn’t make sense to me…”

Oh yes indeed. The very valuable Mohammedan mental baggage, including FGM, child marriage, wife-beatings, terror in the name of Allah,  polygamy, misogyny, sharia & Koran, the burqa, the niqab, the hijab and the beards, the zebiba and the mosque, honor killings and murder of blasphemers and apostates. Where would we be without it?  Ah yes, I forgot to mention the carbeques and the constant riots by the “marginalized yooots”……

France’s racial intolerance comes from the very top

Nicolas Sarkozy is most to blame for inciting the kind of brutality that sees immigrant women and children evicted by police   (from the Guardian of Muslims, of course)

Here’s a record of her subversive activities

Nabila Ramdani is a Paris-born freelance journalist who specialises in Anglo-French issues, Islamic affairs, and the Arab World.

She is a columnist for the Guardian, the Observer, the London Evening Standard, and the New Statesman.  Nabila also writes opinion pieces, features, and news stories for a wide range of other Fleet Street publications, including the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday, and the Sunday Times.

Nabila has experience working with a variety of French papers such as Le Parisien, Marianne, L’Express and Le Figaro. She contributes to Middle Eastern publications, including The National, Gulf News and Daily News Egypt. Nabila is a well-established commentator and regularly participates in programmes including the BBC’s Woman’s Hour and Today programme, Al Jazeera, France Inter, France Télévisions, Canal +, and the Sky News press preview.

Here’s another video where Nabila  gives France at least some credit for  egalite’, which is in itself dubious at best. Once again, she yammers about imaginary “discrimination”  and hammers  Christians.  The interviewer is unfortunately totally ignorant (a Brit @ al Jizz) and fails entirely in her duty to  ask the right questions which would probably get her sacked.

26 thoughts on “The Despicable Nabila Ramdani”

    The Intigration is not the real problem. The cabaret artist Volker Pispers said on October 13, 2010

    01:10 … Where in Germany is speaking a sensibly German? Have you ever been there before? … Do you have ever articulate with Swabians at the cracker-barrel? (federal state of Germany, City “Stuttgart”)

    What have the regular drinking companion against the Turks?
    Call a spade a spade: It’s all about the Turks!
    Immigrant issues? Stop it!

    03:10 – 04.07 I live in Duesseldorf for 12 years. We have a nice district “Niederkassel”. We have a percentage of foreigners of 25%. BUT these are Japanese, AND NOT FOREIGNERS! They are living normal. They drink (guzzle), take part on the “shooter parade” … even carnival, they don’t apply make-up, they look funny (naturally) …

    They are NOT INTEGRATED! You do not have to worry!
    Very few of the Japanese can speak German!

    Whatever for?

    Japanese kindergarten with Japanse child care worker
    Japanese schools with Japanese teacher
    Japanese banks, Japanse stores, Japanese restaurants, Japanse hotel

    The greatest buddhistic center beyond Asia is located in (distric:)Oberkassel at the “Seestern” (building complex)
    Even the Japanese emperor is comming for the consecration.

    In the supermarket “Rewe” thay have a shelve with Japanese products and signs with Japanese graphic characters, a Japanese salesman, who cut the fish how the Japanese eat it.

    They have even Japanese employees in the pharmacy to serve the Japanese.

    AND THEY HAVE EVEN A JAPANESE JEHOVAH’S WITNESS who is standing on the street with the “watchtower”
    (magazin of Jehovah’s Witness)

    But it is NO PROBLEM. Come to Niederkassel. It is a friendly and peaceful coexistence. NOT A “being-with-one-another!”

    You don’t have to integrate, when you want to live peacefully.

    … Also the Rheinlaender and the Westfalen (federal states in Germany) are also not intergrated ….”

  2. Open Borders eh?

    Well lets invade Muslim nations one at a time, and then insist that they have to subscribe to our values. Seems to fair to me.

  3. It seems one group of Muslims, Sunnis, does not like too much diversity in Islam. Once they have got rid of them, they will go after the Jews, then the…

    London will soon be a wonderful place, with just one religion.

    So wonderful is this multicultural diversity.

  4. Here we have what would appear to be an intelligent, western-educated muslim whom is clearly not moderate. She thinks (I think) like the majority of muslims around the globe. All of whom readily and voluntarily partake of the koolaid.

    I don’t understand why we in the west will not listen to what muslims say. If we listened, it would be quite simple to see that they think themselves superior to the west in all ways. Instead, we want to rationalize (as if that were even possible) the entire muslim thing through our obviously rose colored western glasses. We could not be more stupid.

  5. Nun, als Deutscher, eigentlich mehr Preusse, kann ich diese wiederliche Propaganda nicht mehr ertragen! Wir haben zwischen 4-6 Millionen Mohammedaner in Deutschland. Was im Interview bei 4,45 gesagt wurd, ist eine reine Lüge. Es geht um die Frage, ob weiter 500.000 Mohammedaner pro Jahr ins land geholt werden, oder, ob unsere 4-7 Millionen, je nach Statitistik und Kriterium Arbeitslosen zuerst wieder in Arbeit gebracht werden sollen! Und Frau Merkel ist nationalistisch? Eine frühere FDJ-Sekretärin und Kommunistin?

    A try for a translation:

    Well, as a german, more prussian, I cant bear this disgusting propaganda anymore. We have between 4-6 nillions of muslims in this country. What there was told in this interview at 4,45 is a pure lie.
    Its about the question, if we should allow a 500.000 muslim per year to immigrate to this country or, if we should bring our 4-7 millions of unemployed, depending on statistic and criteria back to work first. And Mrs. Merkel a nationalist? A former FDJ-secretary amd communist?

  6. And another one, 19,50 o well, housing estates, most germans live in housing estates too. And, of course you do not have access to the german educational system, if you do not speak german. Not even in the 3rd generation. Well, you must know, we are rascist here. In our schools the language is german, well, up to the 3rd grade, then french, or english, spanisch or even chinese, japanese or arabic starts. If you want higher education, you have to learn at least 2 foreign languages, Stop, not imigrants. They are freed of this, bc german bereaucracy thinks, that if your parents are for example swedes, you will be raised bilingual. This might fit to swedes but not to turks.

    And, we always remember Hitler, that much, that we pay welfare, to whole clans up to 2.500 members which haven’t work in the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd or will work in the 4th generation! Upps, no, not jews, libanese people, first in row, when it comes to anti-semitism.

    These Ramdani girl should come out of her “Elfenbeinturm”, sorry, no translation for that, and face reality! If not something serious happens, we’ll need to call US-troops again, bc then the same will happen here within 10-15 years, as it had happened in former Jugoslavia in the mid 90ies.

    Our goverment seems to me, like the owner of a gamecock stir up hate to the other gamecock by censorship through PC and ignoring the truth!

    And excuses for my english please. If I were a turk, living in germany, I would have posted my comment in turkish and have sued you, for not translating it or not receiving comments on my comment, sued you for being segregated!

    Honi soit qui mal y pense!

  7. A last one on the 2nd video:

    The name of this man is: Thilo Sarrazin, oh how racist again! He has french anchestors! Well, is it so hard to look up something?

  8. @stepnanie, Düsseldorf, Oberkassel? Bäh, die trinken schwarzes Bier und essen rohen Fisch, die Japaner zumindest und die “schicken”. Da lob’ ich mir ein Becks, nen Matjes Hering und “braunn Kohl”.

    Und die sprechen auch so komisch……….

    Honi soit qui mal y pense!

  9. burqabob

    making an intelligent ? guess – is ‘elfenbeinturm ‘ maybe ‘ivory tower’ ?
    You’re living in your own world deatched and looking down on ordinary people

    Anyway , nice comments – you seem to understand what’s going on .
    I heard a discussion here in UK and a young German woman – who was all for ‘women’s rights’ in certain areas – wouldn’t condemn stoning women to death – it’s ‘their culture ‘ she said
    Same here in UK – some people get it – a hell of a lot don’t

  10. Hello all,

    It is obvious to the writer of the piece that anything Muslim has not worth to the world and is vile.One conclusion to draw from this article is the obvious racist leaning and the falsehood he is trying to convey .Objectivity is not a notion he can understand .Moreover the writer could not see a flying piece of shit coming or smell the pieces of feces he is spewing.Rejoice in the evil you are spewing as you will never understand anything outside your narrow mind .. Thrill yourself in the nonsense you have convinced yourself as reality .

  11. Here is a UN definition :

    “the term “racial discrimination” shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.”
    I think as a Journalist ,she has a right to express hes own opinions .They may be different than yours but that does not make her despicable .In the contrary ,for a so called open society ,you seem to insult one’s opinion if it is contrary to yours ..You call it “Freedom of opinion” or “freedom of the press ” .I guess in your case as long as it doesn’t conflict with your long upheld belief of being right or better than another person of a different Religion .It is despicable for him or her to express his/her opinion .let me know what you call that..

    1. Opinions?


      Sure, Nabila has “a right to express hes own opinions”.

      “They may be different than yours but that does not make her despicable.”

      She is despicable, that’s my opinion.

      Nabila Ramdani is a Mohammedan hack with a single minded agenda. She is abusing freedom & democracy to destroy our society, culture and civilization from within, acting on a mandate of the Muslim Brotherhood:

      “a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions”-

      Judging by 1400 years of Mohammedan conquest, genocide and destruction I call for the defense of what kept our society free and prosperous. Mohammedanism has no place in it.

  12. The UN is damaged goods – appointing nations such as Libya to its “human rights” bodies – it is beyond farce and beneath contempt.

    [1 March 2011 – The General Assembly today suspended Libya from the United Nations Human Rights Council for “gross and systematic” human rights violations because of President Muammar Al-Qadhafi’s violent repression of peaceful protesters demanding his ouster.]

    Even Kevin Rudd has been listing its recent “achievements”.

    [Rudd said it would be a mistake if the UN did not learn from its chequered history when it comes to recent humanitarian crises.

    “Let’s look at the UN. Look back to Rwanda: fail. Look back at Darfur: fail. Look back at the Balkans: partial fail. Too late, really. Srebrenica and the rest,” he said.]

  13. firstly ,you shouldn’t identify with mami ,you are not Mami.Second ,whether she is Muslim (not Mohamedan) or Christian ,the right of any European citizen to their opinions (no matter what they are) are vested by the European structure.

    Freedom of the press ,according to some European ,only applies when they are spewing hatred toward anything that is different ,whether it is an opinion or a dress or in this case Religion (freedom of religion is part on any “democratic nation” ) or is it not ?

    Equal treatment in a “democratic nation” is extended to all it’s citizens ,or is that just smoke and mirrors ,maybe you should talk to your party and try to convince them to institute the pasting of insignias depending on the opinions of a person . In such an advanced society ,discourse should not have bounds .Are you afraid of the Truth?
    on which opinions ,one is exposing .

  14. * Freedom of the press ,according to some European …

    Which European would that be?

  15. * Are you afraid of the Truth?

    Certainly not. Are you?

    “”I am the Way,” replied Jesus, “and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

    muslims reject the Truth, and reap the consequences in this life, and the next.

  16. To the mullah,

    I am not talking about the effectiveness of the UN ,I merely expanded on the definition of Racism .

    Note that the UN was created by the leading nations of the time . Maybe you should look that up and paste its failures to the rightful owners .For reference they happen to be European nations for the majority . No one is forcing you to change your religion or whatever you may want to believe in .It’s your right to be from one religion or another ;But that right ends there .
    Did Nabila Ramdani spoke on behalf on the Muslim Brotherhood ?or is that just your imagination?

    I don’t think intolerance is what kept “your society ” free and prosperous .Maybe your interpretation of “your society” is a little skewed .

  17. To mullah about the Religion Truth

    Do you no anything about Islam ? Maybe a little more knowledge will set you right.I only can say no religion hold all the keys . They are only instruments to the belief that there is one God.Monotheism ..

  18. To mullah ,

    Just a piece of information ,you believe in Jesus ,and that is your choice “freedom of Religion ” ..

    A Muslim believes in Jesus Father .

  19. Update:

    “There is absolutely no evidence that ‘burqas’ are doing any harm to anyone”.

    Bolt rips Ramdani a new one.

    “The burqa ban is “discredited”? Proof?”

    Islamization of France not fast enough for Islamo-propagandist Nabila Ramdani:

    The French minister for women has let down Muslim voters

    When Najat Vallaud-Belkacem became minister for women’s rights in Hollande’s cabinet, French Muslims had high hopes – sadly they have been disappointed

    Expectations were high when a Muslim woman from a North African background was made an instant star in France’s new Socialist cabinet in May. Not only was Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, 34, made minister for women’s rights – a hugely important position in an administration committed to equality – but President François Hollande also appointed her official government spokesperson.

    The narrative was clear: Vallaud-Belkacem had, after a relatively deprived childhood, overcome prejudice to embark on a glittering career. This energetic, socially aware young woman not only understood the values of the egalitarian French Republic, but personified them. By articulating her country’s most pressing contemporary problems, she would be on the first step to solving them.

    How disappointing, then, that Vallaud-Belkacem’s most publicised policy announcement to date has been a pledge to “see prostitution disappear”. She maintains that a country that has historically done more to romanticise the sex industry than any other can somehow eradicate it. All very noble, certainly, but cynics would consider Vallaud-Belkacem’s grand plan a naive one, and typical of those that give radical governments a bad name.

    Working girls in Paris have already accused her of trying to drive a relatively well regulated industry underground, with demonstrators at a protest march in the Pigalle red light district carrying banners that read: “Criminalised clients means murdered prostitutes”. Interior minister Manuel Valls has also reined Vallaud-Belkacem in, diplomatically suggesting that a ban would be “complicated”.

    Muslims who envisaged a leftist government quashing the diktats of the Nicolas Sarkozy era are particularly interested in one piece of discredited legislation: the crassly tagged “burqa ban”. It was introduced by Sarkozy for “reasons” such as the fear that face coverings could be used by terrorists planting bombs. In reality, only a handful of women wear full veils, and there is absolutely no evidence that they are doing any harm to anyone.

    The Socialists abstained from the 2010 vote that brought in the ban, with many agreeing it was a cloak for prejudice. Only a muddled view of secularism – or laïcité – prevented them from voting against the measure; one that failed to acknowledge that outward expressions of faith or culture are entirely compatible with the principles of the Fifth Republic. It was with a similar lack of sensitivity that the new President Hollande refused to overturn the “burqa ban”, instead awkwardly pledging to “apply it in the best way”.

    Having met several women receiving convictions for the offence of wearing a full veil in suburban French courts, I am convinced there is no “best way” to continue the ban. There are ample anti-terror laws to stop burqas being used as a disguise, just as there are plenty of measures to stop discrimination against women. Manipulating the concept of secularism to criminalise such beliefs is anathema to a tolerant society.

    Salima Kader, a 38-year-old mother-of-three who lives in the Paris suburb of Evry, and who continues to wear a full veil, says: “Since the ban came in we have experienced unpleasant attention from the police, but it is the hatred which comes from other people that makes it worse. They think the ban is official authorisation to insult, spit at and even physically assault. The ban has become a symbol of hate against all Muslim communities.”

    Sarkozy’s ban vilified six million French Muslims in a campaign that also included efforts to outlaw halal meat, and a deeply divisive national identity debate. As last May’s presidential election approached, Sarkozy regularly highlighted the “burqa ban” in a bid to lure far-right National Front supporters to vote for him.

    Many of the Muslim women I have spoken to are disappointed with the behaviour of Morocco-born Vallaud-Belkacem, one of seven children of an immigrant builder and housewife.

    They would rather see her introduce realistic measures that would appease citizens from a similar background: from the building of mosques to simple reforms, such as women-only swimming sessions in public pools.

    French Muslims provided massive support to Hollande in May, with a le Figaro poll suggesting that 93% of the estimated two million followers of the religion who voted backed him. Those votes were vital to his victory, and some came from traditional Muslim women who wanted an end to the state vindictiveness that the “burqa ban” encapsulates.

    A laïcité bill was adopted by the Senate as recently as January – one which prevents any woman looking after children from wearing a simple headscarf. This applies to schools, leisure centres, nurseries and numerous other private institutions where ordinary, headscarf-wearing Muslim women work, including their own family homes.

    Rather than presiding over job losses for these women, Vallaud-Belkacem should be championing a better place in society for them. Sonia Choukri, a 23-year-old student from Marseille, says: ‘The Socialists could get rid of the burqa ban with the stroke of a pen. They have a huge majority in Parliament.’

    Muslim women in France are, in the main, from modest backgrounds. They are marginalised and, without exaggeration, scared of politicians who threaten their lifestyles and beliefs. If Vallaud-Belkacem is to become an effective women’s rights minister, then she should be working to try to improve the lot of all women in society, including those in the same underprivileged Muslim communities from which she came.

    Full Bolt article:

    The “reporter” is a burk

    Andrew Bolt JULY/18/2012

    I was surprised by the tone of this news report from France run in the Guardian and Sydney Morning Herald. The misrepresentations are startling:

    Muslims who envisaged a leftist government quashing the diktats of the Nicolas Sarkozy era are particularly interested in one piece of discredited legislation: the ‘’burqa ban’’.

    It was introduced by Mr Sarkozy for ‘’reasons’’ such as the fear that face coverings could be used by terrorists planting bombs. In reality, only a handful of women wear full veils, and there is absolutely no evidence that they are doing any harm to anyone.

    Socialists abstained from the 2010 vote that brought in the ban, with many agreeing it was a cloak for prejudice. But Mr Hollande has refused to overturn it, instead pledging to ‘’apply it in the best way’’.

    The burqa ban is “discredited”? Proof?

    A law whose authors included a communist and which was passed by the French National Assembly by 335 votes to just one against is merely a “diktat of the Nicolas Sarkozy era”?

    “Socialists abstained”? Well, not all, and those who did would have backed the law had it applied only to public buildings. And, of course, they’ve proved to be hypocrites since.

    “There is absolutely no evidence that ‘burqas’ are doing any harm to anyone”. Might feminists not disagree? Might those who value the secular identity of France not disagree? The absolutism of the statement is more suited to polemics, not reporting.

    “In reality, only a handful of women wear full veils…” This argument will switch overnight from “too few to worry about” to “too many to offend”.

    But this bit is the most offensive part:

    (The burqa ban) was introduced by Mr Sarkozy for ‘’reasons’’ such as the fear that face coverings could be used by terrorists planting bombs.

    Really? That is a grotesque misrepresentation – to put it mildly. Sarkozy again and again spoke of the burqa as an offence against the secular spirit of France and an instrument of debasement. Here’s Sarkozy at the time:

    The problem of the burka is not a religious problem, it’s a problem of liberty and women’s dignity. It’s not a religious symbol, but a sign of subservience and debasement. I want to say solemnly, the burka is not welcome in France. In our country, we can’t accept women prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, deprived of all identity. That’s not our idea of freedom.

    I know that the author actually knows this, despite pretending Sarkozy was just a bomb-in-the-burqa racist.

    See, the author of this trash is actually Nabila Ramdani, a Paris-born freelance journalist of Algerian descent who, in the French way, gets ahead by striking radical poses.

    Yet even she two years ago grudgingly acknowledged Sarkozy’s real arguments against the burqa – arguments which were shared by the National Asembly and have nothing to do with bombs. And, as she then claimed, his concerns were shared even by many Muslims who she now insists want the burqa ban scrapped. Indeed, it seemed those concerns may even have been shared by Ramdani herself:
    While the French president firmly believes that these allegedly Islamic veils are “a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement” which are “not welcome” anywhere in the Fifth Republic, he now thinks the only workable ban would be on public transport or in civic buildings.

    The vast majority of French people, including most Muslims, believe that face coverings should be banned completely. They’re not only intimidating and divisive, but actually have very little to do with Islam, and far more to do with central Asian and Middle Eastern traditions. They certainly engender more than a sneaking suspicion that they’ve been imposed by men intent on keeping their spouses or daughters away from the common gaze.

    Sarkozy clearly laid out the popular view with the words: “The full veil is not welcome in France because it is contrary to our values and contrary to the ideals we have of a woman’s dignity.”

    But why be consistent, when being radical gets you more applause?

  20. Sid,
    muslims use islam to justify rape and murder – because actually the quran allows it. Talk to you fellow muslims you moronic twat. Incidentally, I have really had enough of the lot of you muslim gits.

  21. What with the phony sounding Western nicknames like Sid? You’re dull you expect to spit your cussing here and all you do is complain and whine and you wouldn’t even be nice enough to call me a snow bunny… go ahead and make fun. What comes around goes around goofball.

  22. The UN has not had any credibility in over 20 years, they have no value except be a mouth piece for the neo-communist and a future outpost for OWG.

    Ha! Mullah Lodabullah, apparently you need a little more knowledge to set you right? Good thing Sid happened along to put you right and show you the way. And yes, I am being sarcastic.

    @Sid who are you to expand the definition of racism? What you are really doing is behaving in a manipulative manner just so it can fit your own moral pomposity and victimhood.

    No one here is interested in the World According to Sid. Yawn.

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