Turkey's dirty little games


Getting rid of criminal Turkish invaders is  becoming increasingly difficult. Although Swiss authorities got clearance from Turkey for  a flight with 2 failed cultural enrichers on board, Turkish authorities later revoked the landing permit. The flight had to return to Switzerland with the unwanted  soldiers of allah on board, who promptly complained that there were no prayer rugs on board….. (just kidding)

Below is the story in German.

Rückschaffung von zwei Türken gescheitert. Das Flugzeug erhielt keine Landeerlaubnis in Istanbul

BERN – Ende August ist die Ausschaffung zweier Türken in ihr Heimatland gescheitert. Das Flugzeug erhielt keine Landeerlaubnis in Istanbul.

Die Maschine mit den Türken an Bord musste wieder in die Schweiz zurückkehren, wie Jonas Montani, Sprecher des Bundesamts für Migration (BFM), einen Bericht der «NZZ am Sonntag» bestätigte.

Gemäss Montani hätten die türkischen Behörden die vorher zugesicherte Landeerlaubnis schliesslich doch nicht erteilt.

8 thoughts on “Turkey's dirty little games”

  1. Just shoot them any jihadist, terrorist penalty is death, job done or better still make them denounce islam eat a bacon sandwich then nail them to a cross that would really piss them off, lofl.

  2. I do like VAman’s idea though no need to land in Turkey just fly close to the border then throw them out point them towards mecca and they will land in turkey.

  3. One can’t help but suspect that these are not the only little dirty tricks up their sleeves.

    The Mavi Marmara flotilla setup/attack against the IDF was typical ANC style taqiyyah.

    Guess what? The SA Deputy President Motlanthe returned from a ‘very successful’ state visit / business trip just a few days before the attack against the Israeli soldiers.

    And the ANC-controlled SABC broadcasted an evening news interview with a young SA journalist named Gadija (! as in Mohammed’s wife) who was on the flotilla. Apparently they were treated so badly – the interviewers didn’t want to give terror suspects a phone call, she saw cockroaches on the way to the brand new (ie. clean) prison, and they asked them weird questions, such as “who are you?” and “what are you doing on the flotilla?” and “what were you planning?”

    Makes me wonder…

    But not for long:

  4. The Turks are Germany’s Pakistanis i.e. Mohammedans who live in the country but show no allegiance or loyalty to it and engage in Mohammedan inspired and mandated TERRORISM.

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