UK: So Who is Behind the Violence? Not the EDL, But Criminal Ratbags Like Weyman Bennett

UAF Thug found guilty of kicking police officer in the groin

Supporters were “shocked” as a magistrates’ court this week found leading “anti-fascist” Martin Smith guilty of assaulting a police officer.

The rabid Martin Smith (wearing glasses/Derby Patriot)

Weyman Bennett, (George Negus’ darling) joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), said after the verdict, “I’m astounded and angered. Anti-racists from Cable Street to Lewisham to our own day have faced repression from the state.”

My guess is that Weyman Bennet ain’t seen nothing yet……

Martin Smith, bloviating commie agit prop, when he is not busy kicking British Bobbies in the nuts….. (TT)

The Left is now more dangerous than the Right

Andrew Bolt is onto it:

What is it with the Left and violence? Indeed, with all forms of collectivism – not least Islam – and violence?

With European governments paring back the social safety net, and businesses blamed for creating a crisis, left-wing terrorism in Europe is on the march, according to a new report from EuroPol (the European Police Office).

Spain, Greece and Italy reported a total of 40 attacks by left-wing and anarchist groups for 2009.  This constitutes an increase of 43 % compared to 2008; the number of attacks more than doubled since 2007.

For all the media paranoia about Right-wing violence, it’s the Left that’s most likely to hurt you. But the prize for violence is still held by Islamist and separatist terrorists – although Spain’s ETA should count as both separatist and Leftist.