2 thoughts on “Gillard does the right thing. For once…”

  1. I do believe that this is an accidental act of anti subservience to the UN’s maddest of Dogs, Islam.

    What we should be talking about is why she did not offer any support for Australian troops facing manslaughter charges for having the effrontery to defend themselves from attack from Taliban (NOT to be confused with Madame Julia’s Taliband) attack whilst serving in Afghanistan.

    Yes it was good she at least did not adopt the “Hag in a bag” costume whilst apologizing to the Afghanistan Government for whatever they deemed Australia should apologize for during her visit to Afghanistan, for me I would have preferred she had of reassured OUR Diggers or as she described as “HER Soldiers” (ADF) that they should have no fear should they arrive home in Australia not be in a coffin, they would not face HER Governments Star Chamber led bet HER governments latest affirmative action appointee …… http://aussienewsviews.blogspot.com/2010/09/australian-socialist-labor-government.html

  2. Not covering her head was the right thing for Julia to do. Unfortunately, everything else she says and does is contrary to sound judgment.

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