Visit London and breed. They’ll pay and house you well

Another sequel to our “we will outbreed you with the bellies of our women” series:

Max Hastings on the British Government’s attempts to cut back on a welfare rort that puts welfare recipients with huge families in London houses that most taxpayers could never afford themselves (Andrew Bolt)

5 thoughts on “Visit London and breed. They’ll pay and house you well”

  1. I knew this was a fait a complis, because last year it was just ‘pipped at the post’

    Rossco, good to see you on Muslim village. I was kicked off!!

    Don’t you just love this

    ****“The first reason why people keep the children’s name Mohammed is because of their love of the prophet Mohammed, because they want to emulate him,”
    “They want to copy him not just through his behaviour and conduct, *****

    So they want their sons to be muders and paedophiles then !!

    True to tyoe…very !!

    Makes me so sad when they quote the East London Mosque.
    I grew up in the East End. The mosque is on hte site of a former synagogue. It is a hell hole there now. It broke my heart to see what has become of the place.

  2. Off topic.

    Has Angela Merkel decided that multiculturalism IS working afterall?

    If link doesn’t work, the M in More might be lower case.

    Title of article in the U.K. Daily Mail – “More immigrants should work for the state: German Chancellor Angela Merkel adds to the country’s roaring immigration debate.”

  3. Keysar Trad is one of these “Free Loaders” . He has two wives and at the last count seven or eight kids, and more on the way. He does not work, they all live on the dole. And how about those cousins they bring to our shores, they are not married under our law, but marry in the mosques around our country under Islamic law. Never the less, we pay for them. This is their plan – over burden us with debt and they move in on our country – their mission over and not one shot fired.
    I know personally know of a family who sent the sick mother back to Ankara where she died shortly after – her son has kept her key card and pensioner ID. He is still drawing her pension and getting access to it through her key card. How can this happen? Easy Peasy, just substitute another old lady wearing the hajib and saying “Me no speaka Hinglish”.
    Dont think I have not reported this and other instances – I have. And what has happened – gosh you are quick – “bloody f… all”. I have reported it to the police – nothing.
    When I worked at one of the “kids hospitals” we knew that the receiver of the treatment was not the one on the Medicare card – but a substitute brought out from a Muslim country for the sole purpose of getting specific treatment for the child – sometimes costing up to 80 thousand dollars or in that region. We cant prove it, and it is not worth being attacked in a back alley at a later date. This is how it works. Fear and Intimidation.
    This happened to an 79 year old friend in the Bankstown Mall. She was rammed by a stroller in the Mall. She suffered shock but her biggest shock was that the woman involved with the baby did not even say sorry, but told her if she was reported by this lady she would get it later. The woman with the stroller was Muslim of course. The lady was taken to the doctor nearby, and when she came out and was walking back to her car, the Muslim woman was waiting for her and belted her again. Reported to the police – yes, action taken – none.

  4. Hi Shirl in Oz, it is so easy to be kicked off sites when we speak our minds. But we the citizens of our country have a duty to speak up. Martin Luther King said “Our lives begin to die when we remain silent about thngs that matter”. And these things do matter to all who love Australia.

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