9 thoughts on “Abdul wants to kill me”

  1. Might be something for the FBI, if they aren’t too occupied with sensitivity training …

    [IP Address (click for more detail):
    Hostname: 99-10-160-240.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net
    Country: US
    AS: 7132
    AS Name: SBIS-AS – AT&T Internet Services]

    [IP Address:
    ISP: SBC Internet Services
    Region: Corona (US)]

    California – near LA etc.

  2. They are cowards who cannot fight man to man. Of course, be prepared. Have a little surprise for ’em if they do come. (oh what a glorious day that would be, to serve them sweet justice.) But I doubt they will, they only fight* innocent men women and children going to work or school or eating at cafe’s or riding a bus.

    *by fight, of course I mean cowardly attacks on the unarmed and unsuspecting. That’s all they know how to do. They should be the ones wearing burkhas, to cover their purdah.

  3. Sheik – send the email to the AFP – folks will be interested.

    Adbul – grow some balls you cowardly muslim fool.

  4. Cecile – It can’t spell, and the sentence it wrote shows that it is not very bright because it’s contents reveal something to the trained eye – the fool has basically left a significant clue to its I.D. – abdul will be dealt with by the appropriate people.

  5. Why don’t you get me, Abdul the pedophile ? Are you a real men or a drag queen ? I want to meet you in person, Muslim pig.
    Allahu Fuckbar.

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