Aussie Jihadist Surfaces in Norway to Fight For Mosque

Andrew Bolt

No need for our jihadist to go to Norway for a mosque

Why didn’t he just go to a Muslim country instead?

A FORMER West Australian jihadist who trained with the Indonesian militant group Jemaah Islamiah and later left Australia for Yemen has resurfaced in Norway.

Andrew “Ibrahim”  Wenham in a mosque in Tromso, Norway.

He is now at the centre of a heated controversy over the proposed building of a Saudi-funded mosque.

Former Perth man Andrew Ibrahim Wenham has emerged as a central figure in a fiery public debate over construction of a mosque in the small town of Tromso in northern Norway.

There are plenty of Saudi-funded mosques in Saudi Arabia already. Why wouldn’t Wenham just go there, especially with Mecca so much closer?

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  1. Symbolic

    The Saudis’ choosing the city of Tromsø must be strongly founded in their plans for expansion, as Tromsø is the biggest city in that part of Europe, on the wild coast of the icy Northern Sea, above the Arctic Circle, with the Midnight Sun in the summer, and the Northern Lights in the dark winter – and not least, with the white landmark cathedral, Ishavskatedralen, modern and timeless, with an architecture inspired by snow and ice crystals, situated in the city.

    What’s behind this Saudis’ interest in conquering this part of Scandinavia? One Saudi businessman – (Bin Talal?) was even up for buying a mountain here only a few years back, but locals finally bought it to prevent leaving it in the hands of an Arab. The mountain in question, Tromsdalstinden, is actually sacred to the samis, and for that matter to the locals, as well.

    Could this fascination for Tromsø be seen in connection with plans to make Oslo the Medina of the Westernmost part of Eurabia?

    “After the revolution Oslo is not going to be called Oslo, but Medina,” Sheik Issam Amira of Hizab Altahrir (The Islamic Liberation Party), proclaimed from The Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 2005.

    “After Denmark, the Sheikh said, the party will carry the revolution to Oslo and change its name to Medina. “They will fight against their Scandinavian neighbors in order to bring the country into the territory of the revolution,” he said. “In the next stage, they will fight a holy jihad to spread Islam to the rest of Europe, until it spreads to the original city of Medina where the two cities will unite under the Islamic flag.”

    Sheikh Riyad Salah, head of the Islamic movement in Israel has also been active teaching the tenets of “Islamic revolution.””

  2. What is going on in this city, where only recently, a school with 300 pupils chose to separate boys and girls at the gym, because of one muslim girl? Only based on “a piece of information” about this girl who might be “offended” from gym in the same room as the boys. – No pressure from muslims!

    Only “piece of information”, ie, slight pressure, knowing on which buttons to push to get their will of submssion performed by the dhimmies themselves on their own initiative.

  3. * Only “piece of information”, ie, slight pressure …

    But when an army major shouts “allahu ackbar” before a killing spree, it’s “let’s not jump to conclusions” (or the like). Preemptive dot-connecting where it favours muslims, and a refusal to connect dots when it doesn’t.

  4. Strategically, it makes since that they would choose the Scandinavian countries first for their European crusade.
    1, Smaller in population-when compared to other European countries.
    2. After 30-40 years of PC, multi-culti rubbish, left wing governments and left based social initives they have been anesthetised more or less imho.

    Woe, the progeny of the Vikings who were so feared that the Byzantine Emperors wanted no other for their personal gaurds.

    At the very least, I am an optimist and believe, that a push too hard from the muslims will waken sleeping vikings that inturn will spread across Europe.

  5. Why is it that Saudis are ALLOWED to fund Mosque building in Infidel Countries while at the same time forbidding ANY churches to be built in Sordid Arabia?

  6. NEWS

    Hamad Al Gamas donates USD 3 500 000
    to Tromsø Mosque

    The Saudi money of USD 3 500 000, to finance a mosque in Tromsø, seems to be coming from Gamas, who, further, by the state radio/TV NRK, is referred to as a friend of a Saudi financier and investor Sulaiman Alshiddi. This was revealed by NRK Friday 05 November.

    Sandra Maryam Moe, the Aussie convert’s wife, and leader of Alnor, now says that Alshiddi is Alnor’s most important contact regarding financing of the mosque.

    “Mannen som vil gi 20 millioner kroner til moske i Tromsø heter Hamad Al Gamas”

  7. Realist

    No church in Saudi Arabia?
    – No financing mosque in Norway

    According to public radio/TV NRK, the Tromsø Commune is asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to look into the matter and find out more about Hamad Al Gamas.

    Only recently Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, said there is no way Norway is going to allow Saudi Arabia to finance mosques in Norway as long as they are not allowing churches built in Saudi Arabia. This was in mid October.

    So far, Støre is refusing to allow the Saudi financing of neither the mosque, nor any “Tawfiiq Islamic Centre”.

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