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Black Peter has got to go, Tintin is banned,  Pippi Langstocking has to go,  but Muslims are here to stay, forcing our children to praise allah…..

Bah humbug!

 South Carolina cancer center becomes Sharia-compliant, bans Santa Claus

Old and dated:

 Vibrant and diverse: Yes kidz, Santa needs to go too:  Decorations will be “more secular and respectful to all beliefs,” Agnew said. “We don’t want to offend a volunteer with good intentions, but we need to think of the bigger picture. People who are Muslim…….

 Improvements made daily:

 Mohammedans went on a rampage in Belgium  after one of them got shot in the important business of robbing a jewelry store:

You have to admire how fast these Muslims can work. Last week it was Charlie Hebdo: magazine released at midnight; office burned before morning. Yesterday in Liège: Jordy the robber shot dead in the afternoon; T-shirts with his name and likeness ready by evening.

Belgians could learn dhimmitude from the French:

You run from police…You accidentally get electrocuted while hiding from police…You get a monument built in your honor…and the police go on trial!


Almost 40% of Young Moroccans in The Netherlands Criminal Suspects

 In municipalities with many Moroccan residents, an average of 38.7 percent of the Moroccan youngsters and men aged between 12 and 24 have landed up with the police one or more times. Girls are also forming a growing problem, public administration journal Binnenlands Bestuur reports.

 Germany gets conditioned to submit:

“We Should Learn Turkish”  (psycho Thomas von Stosch)

 Never in the history of the world have elites so betrayed their own people.

 Elderly targeted

Elderly Dutch People Violently Attacked in Their Own Homes

no sympathy for them, of course. Instead, we have leftist clowns who are encouraging illegal immigrants to cross over into England: Clowns Without Borders

The Brain Police is hard at work in Norway

(Leftist) Political indoctrination is totalitarian and all pervasive in Norway and goes back more than half a century. Its only natural that such a progressive place also offers Thought-Policing.  If the police don’t like some teenager’s political opinions  they call him in for “re-education” talks.

No, I’m not making this up:

Basically anyone who thinks that Muslim immigration has not been beneficial to Europe can be categorised as a “Neo-Nazi” and “right-wing extremist” in need of police and parent-sponsored re-education. Its hard to believe this is not the Soviet Union!  (Thought-Policing)

 Good people are good Jew-haters:

Norway Embraces Islamist Tyranny

Not only: they also have an ‘Equality Minister’ who wants to make you feel better if you’re ugly: 

“We have to reduce the pressure the beauty ideal generates”……

by Bruce Bawer

Anti-Semitism in Norway, where I have lived for twelve years, is over the top. I have never quite gotten used to it. Every now and then I hear or read something that reminds me that I am living in Europe, in a country that was occupied by the Nazis, and where a lot of people were perfectly okay with that. I think it is fair to say that anti-Semitism in Norway is most virulent among the cultural elite – the academics, intellectuals, writers, journalists, politicians, and technocrats – although thanks to the media and schools, it has trickled down to many ordinary Norwegians, some of whom may never even have met a Jewish person.

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Norway: Muslims not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded

Beautiful. Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

Ramadan in Europe

At Hudson-NY, Soeren Kern gives a rundown of how Europeans are accommodating their Muslim residents on Ramadan, and how their Muslims are demanding more. Excerpts:
In Norway, the Oslo-based Imam Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari told the Norwegian state television channel NRK that any Muslim not fasting during Ramadan should be beheaded. He made the comments shortly after asking the government for permission to open a private Islamic school for 200 pupils in the Ammerud neighbourhood of Oslo. The government subsequently denied his request.

Aussie Jihadist Surfaces in Norway to Fight For Mosque

Andrew Bolt

No need for our jihadist to go to Norway for a mosque

Why didn’t he just go to a Muslim country instead?

A FORMER West Australian jihadist who trained with the Indonesian militant group Jemaah Islamiah and later left Australia for Yemen has resurfaced in Norway.

Andrew “Ibrahim”  Wenham in a mosque in Tromso, Norway.

He is now at the centre of a heated controversy over the proposed building of a Saudi-funded mosque.

Former Perth man Andrew Ibrahim Wenham has emerged as a central figure in a fiery public debate over construction of a mosque in the small town of Tromso in northern Norway.

There are plenty of Saudi-funded mosques in Saudi Arabia already. Why wouldn’t Wenham just go there, especially with Mecca so much closer?

Noway: Krekar press conference tapes published

Islam in Europe

Last week Mullah Krekar held a press conference for the foreign press in Norway. The foreign press were expected to ask their questions in Norwegian while Krekar answered in Arabic via translator.

The translator, as one of our readers correctly pointed out, had just returned from the ‘peace flotilla’…. you can see him here on the right in the company of genocide supporting Norwegian Jew-haters: ‘We would do it again”

Espen Goffeng, Randi Kjøs & Nidal Hejazi

“We tried to defend the ship,” said Goffeng.

Norwegian broadcaster NRK and Aftenposten both published a translation/summary of Krekar’s statements. NRK’s is an independent translation. The Norwegian security service is meanwhile working on getting a full transcript.Read more »

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Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg greeting the Saudi prince during this four-day visit

Sowdi Barbarian comes to Oslo, dhimmies bend over:  “we do all we can to please our guests.”

Just curious: who paid for this?

Mullah Krekar Threatens Norway (Again)

Islam in Europe/

‘My death will cost Norwegian society’

Spoken like a true terrorist mafioso. The difference is only that this POS already cost the Norwegian taxpayer millions in maintenance.

Yesterday Mullah Krekar held a press conference, for the foreign press in Norway. He didn’t want to speak to the Norwegian press, whom he says are his enemies, and slipped out of the room before they could catch him outside.

During the press conference he threatened anybody who might be responsible for his death.
“My death will cost Norwegian society. If, for example, Erna Solberg kicks me out of the country and is the reason that I die, then she will suffer the same fate. I don’t know by whom. Ansar al-Islam, Al-Qaida, I don’t know. Whoever,” said Krekar.

Solberg is the head of the Conservative Party.

(Reuters and al-Jazeera were there, but have yet to report about it)

For a full report on the press conference, see Views and News from Norway.

Krekar’s lawyer, Brynjar Meling, said that whoever thinks these statements are criminal, should report them to the police. Siv Jensen of the Progress Party did exactly that.

Related Jihad Activities:

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Taxi Jihad: Strike in Oslo because paper printed Muhammad cartoons


From the always vigilant Tundra Tabloids:

Oslo taxi drivers protesting against the drawing of the Muhammad cartoons

A thousand taxi drivers of Muslim background interrupted their work late Friday, early Saturday moring in protest of the Oslo-Prophet Muhammad cartoons.
The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, released on Wednesday one of the illustrations on its front page.
Spontaneous demonstration was launched on Friday evening, and urged the busy men behind the wheel to park their cars during the period of two and four o’clock. According to police, the protest went peacefully.
Dagbladet used the drawings to illustrate a story, according to which the security police PST’s website has a link to the infamous cartoon images that have given rise to such bad blood. In the drivers’ view, the publication of the picture, was once again unnecessary.

– We wanted to show our opposition to it that makes a mockery of our values, “said the driver Munir Rashad. (Obviously, you don’t care for ours, why should we care for yours? Get the hell out of Dodge, you M*#$ble B$ta&f!/ed)

Taxi drivers linked to gangs

A large number of Oslo taxi drivers already have been charged with tax evasion and welfare fraud. Now Oslo police suspect around 40 drivers and even more taxi owners of having close contact with Pakistani gangs, and operating as couriers of arms and drugs.

Rape Jihad: Norway

Infidel Women Are War Booty!

No Western Assault Rapists in Oslo’s Streets

Filip van Laenen/Brussels Journal

The police in the Norwegian capital Oslo revealed that 2009 set yet another record: compared to 2008, there were twice as many cases of assault rapes. In each and every case, not only in 2008 and 2009 but also in 2007, the offender was a non-Western immigrant. At the same time, in 9 out of 10 cases, the victim was Norwegian, not just by nationality, but also by ethnicity.

I guess all that’s needed is some more of that interfaith dialogue that works so well….


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Hamas Pal's Mads Gilbert & Erik Fosse get standing ovations in Norway

Shock in Norway as Media Gives Standing Ovations to Hamas Propagandizing Doctors Mads Gilbert and Fosse……!

Vlad Tepes:

Jew-haters of the world gather in Norway:

The Leftist media loves their boys

Shock in Norway as Media Gives Standing Ovations to Hamas Propagandizing Doctors Mads Gilbert and Fosse……!

Glad you liked our stuff!

These two doctors are largely responsible for the dissemination of the worst propaganda during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza. Look at how the anti-Israel Norwegian media loves them. How telling is that? KGS

Obama’s War on the Jews:

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama’s top foreign policy adviser, United States National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter, and notorious Jew hater pulls back the curtain……….

Speechless. Protecting Iranian airspace. I shudder to think what the next three years holds. Terrible, all of it. Who, in America, would stand with Obama? Bloody frightening. More from Atlas Shrugs

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Queen of Norway Visits Salafi Mosque run by Bin Laden Linked Jamaat-e-Islami……

H/T Weasel Zippers

That filthy infidel custom of shaking hands

The article doesn’t say whether Norway’s welfare Taliban parasites refused to shake hands with the queen or not. By the looks of it she had to shake it with the women…

6a00e008c6b4e58834011570acb033970b-400wiFlashback: When Dutch minister Rita Verdonk met the imams and wanted to shake hands with the first one, he refused it. Minister Verdonk did not respond by ordering his mosque burned down, but instead, very civilized, replied: “I see we will have a lot to talk about”.

* Related: Norway embassy in Kenya threatened with attack by Al Qaeda

The Islamic Cultural Center mosque has never hidden where they get their ideological inspiration: from Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan, an organization considered to be an extreme group on the extremist side of the religious and political landscape.

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Norway: "Muslims are the Jews of our times"

430601Horror of horrors! Racism! “Islamophobia”!


Church invites Obama’s Muslim grandmother to Christianity; she declines and Muslims are up in arms

Khalid Mahmood, a Pakistani-born member of the governing Labour Party believes Muslims are being persecuted, and Islam confronted with hatred. (if only!/ed)

“Muslims are the Jews of our times, stigmatised, generalised and presented as a threat to society” he said. An obscene comparison. Six million Jews were murdered in Europe. No one is calling for any Muslim to be murdered, or anything close to that, and to frame the debate in those terms is simply an attempt to divert attention away from real concerns about Sharia supremacism. Jews had never proclaimed they were going to conquer Europe and subjugate non-Jews under the rule of Jewish law. Many, many Muslims have proclaimed that the Islamic conquest of Europe is imminent. To speak out against that, and in favor of freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, the equality of rights of all people before the law, and the non-establishment of religion in society is not to call for anyone to be killed.

“It is not any longer immigrants who are targeted, but simply Muslims”, he adds.

* And so they should be. Because of this:

Norway: “The reality is that a kind of sneak-Islamisation of this society is being allowed”




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