"Backlash" Against the Killer Religion of Peace

Aramaic Christians take to the streets all over Europe

In Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Stockholm  and other cities more than 10.000 people took to the streets. The most important rally against the mass-murder of Christians in the Muslim world will take place in Cologne on Sunday. (PI has more in German)

More of the same from JW:

Backlash! Anti-Muslim hate crimes only eight percent of hate crimes, far less than those against Jews

“Blacks, Jews most likely victim of US hate crimes: FBI,” from AFP

Pakistani official says Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy is innocent

Paki  Christian innocent of blasphemy,” by Kay Johnson for The Associated Press, November 22

My question is how much did we have to pay to get her off? Will the soldiers of Allah kill her the moment she leaves jail?

They cite security concerns, but their concern for security appears inconsistent. Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: “Pakistan prohibits visiting Sikh pilgrims’ nagar kirtan,” by Amir Mir for DNAIndia, November 23

Palestinian Authority “study” claims that Jews have no historical connection to Western wall

The world and everything in it belongs to Allah and his profit Muhammad:

This is standard Islamic supremacist historical revisionism, on a par with the invention of a tolerant, pluralistic Muslim Spain. “Jews have no right to Western Wall, PA ‘study’ says,” by Khaled Abu Toameh in the Jerusalem Post, November 22

2 thoughts on “"Backlash" Against the Killer Religion of Peace”

  1. The PA and ‘study’ – most definitely an oxymoron at the intersection of Stupid Street and Brain-Dead Blvd.

  2. You say the KILLER religion of peace – but sometimes they are merciful ( as allah is ) – like the saudi employer I’v e just read about who only CUT THE LIPS OFF a young Indonesian maid .
    Can you imagine – the pain and the trauma for this poor young girl !
    But never mind – this’ll all get sorted out because the saudis are part of the un women’s rights now
    I think my opinion of them can not go any lower – not just because of this latest outrage but for all I’ve read over the last 4 /5 years .

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