Posner: Swiss government working hard to overturn referendum against minarets

U.S. diplomat knows more about minaret ban than a the Swiss Parliament (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Disturbing conclusions from the U.S.: A senior government official has made astounding statements about the ban on minarets in Switzerland. Before the assembled world press, he explained clearly that the Federal Council was working to overturn the result of the referendum. The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (EDA), according to the “Sonntag” newspaper, reacts with surprise.

In his statement as the head of the Human Rights Division in the U.S. State Department, Michael Posner, told the media the following on Wednesday, when the conversation turned to alleged harassment of Muslims in Western Europe

“The Government of Switzerland – and I’ve spoken repeatedly with their representatives -. Is now working hard to overturn the ban (on minarets.)”

In effect, this meant that Swiss Muslims would again have the right to build minarets, he said, according to the newspaper “Sonntag”.

The Swiss Embassy in Washington would, according to the Journal, not comment on this statement. Behind closed doors, it has been referred to as a likely misunderstanding – because ultimately the Swiss Federal Council does not have the legal means to ignore the result of a valid referendum.
The Swiss Foreign Ministry has learned about Mr. Posner’s statements, responded the spokeswoman Carole Wälti to “Sonntag”. Posner’s comments, that there have been efforts by the Swiss government to lift the ban on minarets, are baseless. There have also been “no talks held with Michael Posner,” added Wälti.

In German: US-Diplomat weiss mehr über Minarett-Verbot als Bundesrat

Irritierende Schlüsse aus den USA: Ein hoher Regierungsbeamter hat erstaunliche Aussagen zum Minarett-Verbot in der Schweiz gemacht. Vor versammelter Weltpresse erklärte er offenbar, dass der Bundesrat daran arbeite, das Resultat der Volksabstimmung zu kippen. Das Eidg. Departement des Äusseren (EDA) reagiert laut «Sonntag» befremdet. (SF)

3 thoughts on “Posner: Swiss government working hard to overturn referendum against minarets”

  1. What this does show is the American support for the Islamization of Europe. How could we not know this from the early 1990’s when the US provided air support for the KLA jihad against the Serbs. The US is the ultimate anti-American anti-Western power in the West.

    The Western world continues its long march into its own annihilation.

  2. … And the attempted pressure by Obama to get us to accept Turkey as part of the EU – which it is not, politically, geographically or culturally.
    It would make more sense for the USA to invite Mexico to become the 51st. State.

    Meanwhile, there appears to be no doubt that Obama’s view of islam compares to the quaker’s view of christianity, rather than that of the catholic church. Unfortunately, there are far more ‘catholic’ muslims that ‘quaker’ muslims.

  3. I wouldn’t doubt that SOMEBODY is pushing hard to get the ban overturned. Not just the Muslims, but the Progressives (the One-World-Government believers).

    The EU is doing essentially what the USA is doing along our southern border, and for the same reason:
    (1) Let in hordes of people with no commitment to our culture, who have no respect for our laws, who want all the rights and benefits but none of the responsibilities of being part of our society;
    (2) Encourage them to “maintain their culture” so that the areas they settle become little ghettos: mini-Somalias, mini-Nigerias, or mini-Mexicos (complete with the superstitions, corruption and tribal antagonisms of the old country);
    (3) Spend enormous amounts on welfare-education-health benefits for them (“Let’s pretend that paying aliens to while away the idle hours by watching telenovelas and making babies will somehow result in these people learning English and finding good-paying jobs”);
    (4) Criticize your natural-born citizens if they object to the crime, the hostility, the violence, or the economic burdens that these huge enclaves of non-assimilating foreigners cause; explain to them that they are just stupid bigots for not appreciating all the benefits that “diversity” brings, and that their centuries of history and philosophy and culture are of no great importance — one man may enjoy fine paintings in the Louvre while another studies the writings of Locke and Thoreau and yet another appreciates the subtle beauty of a camel’s eyelashes — no difference, really, we’re all the same;
    (5) Meanwhile, don’t hold the immigrants accountable for their antipathy toward your citizens or your culture; don’t consider them responsible for acclimating to your society; keep telling them that they are “victims” and apologize that your natural-born citizens haven’t made sufficient “allowances” for their “special circumstances”;
    (6) When the immigrant-on-citizen violence gets uncontrollable, or, conversely, when citizen resentment finally turns violent, –voila!– government finally has an excuse to send in the troops and declare martial law; and if the Progressives have worked it right, the populace will be desperate enough for law and order that they will make no complaint.

    Then, absolute power finally seized, they can start on their Marxist quest- to Build Utopia.

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