Copper load of this! Company digging mine in Afghanistan unearths 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery

Oh noes! Remants of the jahilya, pre-Islamic times!  Can’t have that: Abdul, get the explosives, Rashid, gimme your lighter….

A Chinese company digging an unexploited copper mine in Afghanistan has unearthed ancient statues of Buddha in a sprawling 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery.

Archaeologists are rushing to salvage what they can from a major 7th century B.C. religious site along the famed Silk Road connecting Asia and the Middle East.

The ruins, including the monastery and domed shrines known as ‘stupas,’ will likely be largely destroyed once work at the mine begins.

The ruins were discovered as labourers excavated the site on behalf of the Chinese government-backed China Metallurgical Group Corp, which wants to develop the world’s second largest copper mine, lying beneath the ruins.

Historic find: Ancient Buddha statues inside a temple in Mes Aynak, south of Kabul, Afghanistan. Chinese labourers digging a copper mine made the astonishing discovery

Hanging over the situation is the memory of the Buddhas of Bamiyan — statues towering up to 180 feet high in central Afghanistan that were dynamited to the ground in 2001 by the country’s then-rulers, the Taliban, who considered them symbols of paganism.
No one wants to be blamed for similarly razing history at Mes Aynak, in the eastern province of Logar. MCC wanted to start building the mine by the end of 2011 but under an informal understanding with the Kabul government, it has given archaeologists three years for a salvage excavation.
Archaeologists working on the site since May say that won’t be enough time for full preservation. (More from Daily Mail)

3 thoughts on “Copper load of this! Company digging mine in Afghanistan unearths 2,600-year-old Buddhist monastery”

  1. If the statues stay in museums in Afghanistan, then sooner or later they will be smashed to bits.

    The only hope is that the Chinese or Japanese buy them and take them out of the country.

  2. How long will it take them to desicrate another world heritage. These people have no value on anything. They are “Spoilers” and dont deserve to share the planet with us. They have no sense of history or evolution only the money making Muslims who are running Egypt and its treasures. Who knows what they may be destroying?
    This is another case of international vandalism. They have no shame.

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