Dutch Court: Death Threats & Incitement to Kill Geert Wilders is Free Speech

Incitement to Murder is Free Speech, Criticism of Islam NOT

This sick bastard should be behind some very thick walls for 10 years and then deported to a Muselmanic  desert of his choice.

What the Dutch court has done with  this verdict, is open the doors for every fundamentalist Muslim to wage war on Geert Wilders, giving a both a wink and a nod and tacit approval. Sick, and they dare bring Wilders up on charges on incitement for showing both a video of Muslim extremism (Fitna) along with their holy texts that they quote while carrying out their acts. What a sick bunch of judges, corrupted to the bone. KGS

NIS News/ THE HAGUE, 11/11/10 – The appeal court in The Hague yesterday acquitted a rapper of threatening Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders because it did not consider the text of his song constituted an offence.

The rapper, who calls himself Mosheb, was prosecuted for the track ‘Who is next?’. He sings: Pim Fotuyn talked about Muslims, was shot. Theo van Gogh, talked about Muslims, was shot. Who is next…? (…) I am planning to make an attack on Geert Wilders. And that in WORDS. I find you a creep. You will be strangled. (…) Everyone who talks about Muslims gets killed.”

In the number, the rapper constantly alternates threats with mitigating words. “Geert you would be better to jump off the roof, or would you rather have bullets in your body? I am no terrorist, am an innocent rapper. This is a warning!! Do you want to stay alive? Then you must take back all your statements (…) Listen Geert, this is no joke, last night I dreamed that I had cut off your head.”

Wilders launched proceedings against the song in 2007, after he had heard and seen the clip on the Internet. A lower court convicted Mosheb, but the appeal court arrived at acquittal yesterday.

According to the appeal court, the text is not in itself a punishable offence. The track is punishable however in the way it was to be seen on Internet site YouTube. There, gunshots were also heard.

These shots cannot however be heard on the rapper’s original CD version. The appeal court concludes that it cannot be established whether the shots were added by the rapper or by someone else.

7 thoughts on “Dutch Court: Death Threats & Incitement to Kill Geert Wilders is Free Speech”

  1. This is just un-be-lievable!

    Anything that talks about that hateful “religion’s” atrocities offends the followers, and must not be allowed in any form. Not even in drawing.
    Hate and incitements to murdering non-muslims, on the other hand, is just fine.

    How can The West accept this? For how long?

  2. This is just the beginning, Charlie. The enablers will be eliminated when they have outlived their usefulness.

  3. Don’t you think it’s time for every man, woman and child to shoot muslims on sight in the West? Let us show they buffoons what retaliation is, the real way. A Dutchman to be threatened in his own country by a half wit muslim stray dog is a crime worthy of the death penalty.

  4. When will people rise up against this unfairness? Where is the common sense?
    In the UK, the Muslims had a demonstration on a holy day in the UK:

    This is simply bad behavior and should not be tolerated. A letter from the Government warning the Muslims community, that they will be deported, if there is more bad language or behavior. They may only need to deport one, and it will stop!!!!
    The more I know about Muslims, the more I know, they have to be treated like toddlers!

  5. Injustice invites injustice and violence invites violence,
    time will come that religion will be restricted and followers
    will be killed unless they revoke their beliefs.
    All religions will fall and only the true believers will survive.

  6. The arrogance and provocation of this religion is unbelievable. Freedom of speech gives you the right to speak your truth, not to make threats on someones life. Not only are these people too ignorant to understand the difference, but they want it both ways. Shame on the people who turn on their own to appease this evil. You will go down in history as the people who destroyed civilisation.

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