NY Moonbat Mayor Michael Bloomberg Launches War on Soup

Guess who’s paying for this nanny state nonsense? You are:

The campaign costs $370,000 — $130,000 of which comes from city taxpayers. The rest is covered by the federal government, a city Department of Health spokeswoman said. (Moonbattery)

Feds wage war on cigarettes

Federal health officials Wednesday unveiled plans to require cigarette packs and ads to carry dramatically bigger, much more graphic health warnings, including for the first time images that might depict dead bodies, cancer patients and diseased lungs.(WaPo)


ABC: Call it “Cookiegate.”

Sarah Palin is baking up a little controversy in Pennsylvania. She was the guest speaker last night at a fundraiser at Plumstead Christian School in Plumstead Township…

“I look at Pennsylvania and I think of sweets – I think of Hershey. Then I think, how dare they ban sweets from school here,” said Palin…  Before her Bucks County speech, she tweeted that she intended to bring the students cookies to make her point about “laissez faire government.”

“I brought dozens and dozens of cookies. I had to shake it up for you guys, especially the press okay.”

Keeping America Safe Is a Crime, GWB is the Enemy

The far left former human rights group Amnesty International today called for an investigation in George Bush’s recent admission of so-called “torture.”

Former President George Bush said information obtained from terrorist suspects through “waterboarding” prevented attacks on London.

Amnesia Intentional: the long arm of the Mullah Regime? Iran Press News reported>>>>

Amnesty whips up some cash for a former trainee terrorist (Andrew Bolt)

My goodness, what have these wankers morphed into?

David Hicks no longer needs the help or promotion of Amnesty International, even if he ever deserved it. He is now free, after all.

Prison bitch Mahmoud Dawoud aka David Hicks

Now he’s merely a convicted supporter of terrorism who trained with al Qaeda, fought with Laska e Toiba, praised jihad and railed against Jews.  So why on earth is Amnesty now helping this clown to make money from his crimes by flogging his whitewashing memoirs as a Christmas gift?

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  1. Feds wage war on cigarettes: /including for the first time images that might depict dead bodies, cancer patients and diseased lungs/

    Thereby increasing the sales of cigarette cases (already fairly high in Europe, where being a smoker is worse than being a religious fanatic).

    So, unless they are aiming at a 300% sales tax on cigarette cases & tins, this campaign will be a waste of time and money.

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