England's dumbest Jew offers advice to America's intelligentest president….

Former Harvard lecturer  Hussein Obama (he used to teach Alinsky style subversion to students with a radical bent) could perhaps be educated that Austrians don’t speak Austrian, but German. How about that?

High on platitudes, twice defeated David Miliband offers encouragement for Obama’s Muslim outreach

Why not?  There might be some openings  in the White House. With Rahm Emmanuel gone, Obama might need another token Jew (in name only) and Miliband,  this complete moonbat, might make a good clown for the Islamic infil-traitors in the White House. All things considered, Miliband would make an excellent water boy for the Muslim POTUS Obama…  (Read more »)

Michelle Obama does the Watussi, in India:

Exporting American culture to the 3rd world: where would we be without progressive enlightenment…?


Atlas has cover. Look out, watching this may be dangerous to your health!

UPDATE: The hypocrisy abounds. As previously reported at Atlas in October, Obama’s Self-Aggrandizement Trip to Mumbai, No Nariman House.

Michael Savage rips the Obaminable would-be dictator over his incompetence, endorses Allan West:

“I’ll tell you who would be a great vice-presidential candidate with him — an African-American gentleman named Colonel Allen West out of Florida, who just won Congress despite all odds, despite smear campaigns. What a ticket that would be, DeMint and West. I think they could win easily.”

A Republican candidate would face a tough fight if Hillary Clinton winds up as the Democrats’ nominee, according to Savage.

“They’re going to take Hillary’s experience and use it against anyone the Republicans run, and that is a real challenge for the Republican Party.”

Depressing to think Americans are that dumb. Haven’t the Clintoons done enough damage to the country?

Asked whether Obama is likely to change his approach to national security, Savage tells Newsmax: “No. I think he’s in denial, just as he is with the results of the election.

“When you have a president and a Department of Homeland Security and an FBI that refuse to even acknowledge radical Islam as the enemy, what chance do we have to even identify the enemy? The only people who know who the enemy is are the soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, who are still taking bullets with the name ‘radical Islam’ written all over them.

“This president is living in a dreamland, and I have a terrible fear he’s going to get much worse before he’s reined in by his own party.” (Newsmax)