Fanatical Frenzy Watch

Fake Fanatical Frenzy:

Oxford University Think Tank Complains Media Aren’t Covering “Climate Change” Issues Enough

Not enough panic created. More indoctrination needed:

An Oxford University think tank is taking the media to task for not doing more to whip up a frenzy about global warming. (NewsBusters)

Real Fanatical Frenzy:

India: Police detain Islamic cleric, supporters go on violent rampage of arson and vandalism

It was a spiritual experience.
The killer Iranian Regime held a “Death to America, Death to Israel” rally this weekend during The Hajj.
Their signs read: Death to America, Down with Israel.

“We were holding a majlis outside the college peacefully, but some people tried to disrupt our proceedings,” said the Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad. And so naturally the proper response to that was to go ape and start burning and destroying things. “Cleric detained, supporters go on rampage in Lucknow,” from Indian Express, November 15 (thanks to JW):

Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad was on Sunday detained by the police during a demonstration against a board meeting of the trustees of Shia Post Graduate College.Jawad, a board member, wanted the meeting to be cancelled as Sunday was the day of martyrdom of one of the Prophets.

The detention triggered violent protests by his supporters in the old city of Lucknow. People, including women and children, indulged in arson and vandalism in Hussainabad, Chowk, Kashmiri Mohalla and other areas for more than four hours. The protesters also set a roadways bus on fire. The police resorted to lathicharge and lobbed teargas shells to control the crowd….

Additional District Magistrate O P Pathak said: “Around 10.30 am, Kalbe Jawad along with his supporters staged a protest outside reached the Shia College. They tried to prevent members from enteringthe college premises.”

The police said though Jawad and others were released after two hours, they refused to leave the police line. The cleric wanted the police to arrest those present inside the college premises, alleging that they had tried to attack him and his supporters.

Jawad said he had gone to the college to hold a majlis (religious congregation). “We were holding a majlis outside the college peacefully, but some people tried to distrupt [sic] our proceedings,” he said.

More Muselmanic Demands:

OIC wants “adequate representation of Muslim Ummah” in the UN Security Council

The Organization of the Islamic Conference is already the largest voting bloc at the UN, but a place on the Security Council would cement its control. “Kashmir removed from UN list of disputes,” from Rediff, November 15

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  1. Just the fact that the OIC is looking for representation by the “Ummah” is scary enough since implicit in “Ummah” is a single, united worldwide muslim community…oh and what michief they could wreak…

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