Feelings Hurt: Complaint lodged over burqa mural

Can’t let him get away: The “Islamophobia” Industry Swings into High Gear, Again:

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”It’s Islamophobic; it’s feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.”

Sydney Moonbat Herald

IT HAS become a lightning rod in the public debate about the right of Muslim women to wear the burqa, attracting protests, the censure of a mayor and messages of support from talkback radio.

But now the Newtown mural of a woman in a full-face Muslim covering with a strike symbol over her face and the words ”Say No to the Burqa” is the subject of an anti-discrimination complaint.

Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher, said she felt ”completely offended and insulted” when she saw the mural pop up in her neighbourhood. 

The work of a local artist, Sergio Redegalli, the piece adorns a wall of his studio facing the street and the busy rail line.

”My sister-in-law wears a burqa … my mother wears a veil,” she said. ”I wore a veil for 10 years of my life. I think everyone has the right to wear whatever they want on their body and that kind of diversity needs to be protected.”

Aydemir went to the police and then the council to try to make the complaint, but as the mural was painted on private property neither could intervene. She lodged her concerns with the Anti-Discrimination Board, who this week notified Redegalli.

He said he had painted it to open debate about the burqa, but now felt his right to freedom of expression was on the line.

”There’s a problem about the right to free expression, the loss of the ability to say something without instantly being branded a racist,” Redegalli said. He cited a number of reasons for his opposition to the garment, including concerns about security and the rise of Islamic extremism in Australia.

”There’s thousands that can say we don’t actually feel comfortable about this – that’s not being taken seriously,” he said.

But Aydemir said: ”It’s Islamophobic; it’s feeding the racist and sexist attitudes we have in our society.”

The image has drawn fire from locals, and has been defaced at least 20 times. The former Marrickville mayor, Sam Iskander, said in September the mural ”goes against the values which the Marrickville community has believed in and practised for generations”.

Not. The burqa is not an “Australian value”. It must be banned, once and for all….

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  1. There was a very telling exchange during the recent Student riots in UK.
    Cop to student ‘Take your mask off”
    Student ‘Why cant I wear a mask on the street when Muslims wear face covering Burkas?’
    Cop “Because I say so’

    There in a nutshell is British Institutional Dhimmie stupidity in all its glory.

  2. Australia, this is ridiculous! Anyone who lives near a mosque and is disturbed by calls to prayer – ring the local council and complain – wear a balaclava to the bank (the sign on the door only says remove helmets) – visit parliament house with masks on- if you have a pet pig – take it to the park for a walk, if you’re having a BBQ in a public park, only take pork chops and sausages (a friend of mine was told NOT to put pork sausages on a BBQ plate recently, as another “family” wanted to use it!)
    I have just about had enough!

  3. * Cigdem Aydemir, 27, a Muslim, artist and high-school art teacher … ”completely offended and insulted”

    And what would Cigdem’s “creations” consist of, and would she consider that she has a right to free expression as an artist?

    This is apparently one of her “creations”:


    Haute Couture Design in Sydney
    Dressing the Void by Cigdem A ydemir.

    An interrogation of the space between body & dress.

  4. More on the easily offended and insulted Cigdem, one of the “womyn challenging, question and opening new dialogue around identity, experience and expression”:

    An annual exhibition of works by womyn challenging, question and opening new dialogue around identity, experience and expression. Supported by Arc and SRC@COFA. Curated by the SRC@COFA Womens Officers Natasha Nolan and Rivka Abdilla-Schembri.
    Works by Che Ritz, Andrew Santoso, Ally Bisshop, Sian McIntyre, Amanda Fisher-Vosilla, Yiwon Park, Tess Emslie, Harriet Body, Haidee Ireland, Josephine Gibbs, Laura Hill, Rivka Abdilla-Schembri, Jarrah Flannagan, Natasha Nolan, Stella Rosa McDonald, Eleanor Hanlon, Deborah May, Cigdem Aydemir, and Jacqueline Mills,
    Opens 5-7.30pm 18 August
    Continues to 29 August 2009]

  5. There must be enough atheists to bring a complaint against people who feel ”completely offended and insulted” by the imams saying that women are “deficient” in intelligence.

    This is sexism pure – discriminatory and insulting.
    So why are they not being defiled in the press?

    Where are all the female journalists feeling insulted?
    Instead they are backing the prions!

  6. ok, not enough coffee …. that sentences should have read:

    There must be enough atheists who feel ”completely offended and insulted” to bring a complaint against the people/imams saying that women are “deficient” in intelligence.

    much better!

  7. yiep. new grad.

    not sure about the fascion scene, not that into it really.

    “Oh my goodness. you. mcqueen. bjork. me. gown. wear. someday.
    are you an angel??!

    email me, cigdosovic at hotmail dot com.

    I must hear from you o knoweth one ”

    This is cignumb’s reply to an email commenting on her ‘designs.’
    Notice the puerile , hippy talk – and follow the link someone’s provided
    and have a look at her fashion offerings .
    A typical posing airhead – no depth at all .
    Come back in 20 years – maybe you will have grown up by then – or maybe not

  8. Speaking of “hurt feelings” – will this “art work” celebrating the 7/7 bus bombing be the subject of a complaint, or accepted as “free expression”?
    (via Rantburg)


    [A MUSLIM artist sparked outrage last night after his £3,500 picture of the bombed 7/7 bus went on display just a mile from the atrocity that killed 13 people. ]

    [It shows four angels above the wreckage – the number of al-Qaeda suicide bombers who left 52 dead across London’s transport network on July 7, 2005. ]

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