French Police Forced to Make a Runner From 'No-Go Zone'…

… and in Avignon, a youthful pisser strikes:  “we will grill you and your church” says Muslim while urinating in Catholic Church

a youth came into the church during the middle of mass, urinating on the ‘parvis’ while saying this terrible sentence “We will grill you, you and your Church” The curator of the parish brought a complaint to the police station on Nov 9th. 2010. (The whole story is below the fold)

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Une semaine après l’agression en pleine messe à Carcassonne, nous apprenons qu’à Avignon aussi des jeunes arabes s’en prennent violemment à une église, intimident et insultent des fidèles en pleine messe. Comme nous le disions, le phénomène devient national depuis quelques années.

One week after the aggression in the middle of mass in Carassonne, we learned that  in Avignon  also young Arabs are bringing violence to a Church by intimidating and insulting believers in the middle of mass. Like we were saying, the phenomenon is becoming national for a couple of years now.

Lu dans Avignews de ce jour (extrait) :

Read in the Avignews of today (extract):

“Mercredi, église Saint-Jean. Le père Gabriel, curé de la paroisse, s’adresse à la presse, presque en désespoir de cause. C’est que depuis plusieurs mois, son église est la cible de tags injurieux et obscènes, de jets d’excréments… Et la semaine dernière, le feu a été mis au cyprès qui jouxte le bâtiment religieux, risquant de propager les flammes à l’église. Pour ce prêtre, “ces actes ont un lien direct avec ce qui se passe en Irak où des Chrétiens ont été agressés”. D’emblée, le père Gabriel parle de tensions inter-communautaires et dénonce un “climat de plus en plus agressif et violent entretenu par un petit groupe de jeunes de 12/13 ans jusqu’à 16 ans”. Dans un premier temps, le père Gabriel a cru à des “incivilités” de jeunes désoeuvrés du quartier. Des bêtises d’ados en mal de provocation.

Wednesday the St. Jean Church. Father Gabrielle curator of the parish spoke to the media almost in desperation for his cause. It is because for many months his church has been the target of obscene and injurious attacks using fecal matter. Last week fire was set to a cypress tree that is beside the religious building risking the spread of the flames to the Church. For the priest “These acts have a direct link with what is happening in Iraq, where Christians are being assaulted”. Also father Gabrielle talks about inter-community tensions and denounces a “climate that is more and more aggressive and violent maintained by a small group of ‘youth’ which is 12 to 16 years old” First of all, Father Gabrielle believes these ‘savage acts’ are by deprived youth of the area. Pranks of teenagers in need of mischief.

Puis, quelques jours avant l’incendie du cyprès, un jeune est entré dans l’église, en pleine messe, urinant sur le parvis avec cette phrase terrible, : “On va tous vous griller, vous et votre église”. Le curé de la paroisse a déposé plainte au commissariat ce 9 novembre.
Comment l’ensemble de faits aussi graves perpétrés envers un lieu de culte, quel qu’il soit, a-t-il pu passer inaperçu auprès des pouvoirs publics? Lire la suite.

Then, a few days before the fire of the Cypress tree, a youth came into the church during the middle of mass, urinating on the ‘parvis’ while saying this terrible sentence “We will grill you, you and your Church” The curator of the parish brought a complaint to the police station on Nov 9th. 2010. How could facts so grave be perpetrated against a place of worship which ever kind, could have passed unnoticed in front of the public authority.

Observatoire de l’islamisation, novembre 2010.

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  1. It’s time not to tolerate that kind of citizens in France
    Jail them or get them out of France,
    Wake up!

  2. North America and the MSM is in the pocket of Islam. America has a Muslim POTUS and the Klintoons are eager to run errands for him:

    State Dept criticizes Europe for defending its culture and civilizational identity

    I’m still waiting for her statement on the restrictions on religious freedom in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Egypt and other majority-Muslim countries. “Clinton critical of religious freedom in Europe,” from AFP, November 17 (thanks to JW)

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized Wednesday the state of religious freedom in Europe, as Washington highlighted policies and attitudes toward Muslim veils and Islam as a whole.

    “Several European countries have placed harsh restrictions on religious expression,” Clinton said, without elaborating as she unveiled the State Department’s report on international religious freedom for the last year.

    Her assistant secretary for human rights, Michael Posner, cited France’s ban on wearing the niqab and other face coverings in public places and a Swiss motion passed last year that bans building new minarets.

    Both measures have been criticized as intolerant moves stigmatizing Europe’s growing Muslim population.

    Posner acknowledged “growing sensitivity and tension in Europe” over Islam.

    “What we are urging our European friends to do is to take every measure to try to alleviate that tension,” he added….

    In other words, surrender, already.

  3. shoot these punk kids, mat be they will retreat, this is totally insane.
    stop immigration from these nations. they are bringing the violence from their nations to our western countries. enough is enough.

  4. Obama, Clinton et al.

    NO- we will not surrender.

    What we will :
    send every muslims out of Europe, with the good ( money to help them to establish in their islamic countries) or with the bad = force !

  5. Unfortunately justice has no leg to stand on. Multi-culturalism has put paid to that. Europeans have dug their own grave and muslims are already pissing on that grave. And oh please don’t tell me it’s only a “tiny minority.” Might will always be stronger than reason. Goodbye Europe, it was good while it lasted. About 70 years.

  6. The people will be come so desperate that they will accept any
    solution, the great deceiver will come with brilliant solutions
    and lead billions astray, but there will be a high price to pay.

  7. Bull Shit. Why are you all running scared? Dont bow down to those turkey’s. They will be defeated when enough people wake up. It is happening. Dont give up the fight before it has begun and it is beginning. We will be victorious as we always have been. No one thought Herr Hitler and his henchmen could ever be beaten – they were all wrong. People with a will and intelligence will always defeat morons who hurt and injure others. I am amazed at some of your comments. The plan is to get in there and oust the bastards. At best they are intolorent bullies. They have no good.

  8. The real problem is the PC moonbat brainwashing the left has been practicing in our schools and Universities for DECADES. There is a huge PC moonbat left wing problem in Academia and while the present generation cannot do anything about it Academic reform is essential to protect future generations or Political Correctness, Affirmative action sublime stupidity all exploited by Islamic LIES and Taqqiya will be the death of us all.

    1. You mean moonbattery like this:

      Islam Dreaming: Indigenous Muslims in Australia

      More and more Aboriginal people are becoming Muslim. This book asks why Indigenous Australians are turning to Islam. Based on nearly 50 interviews and extensive historical research, Islam Dreaming is the only national survey of this growing phenomenon.

      Peta Stephenson’s
      new book brings together, for the fi rst time, past and present stories of Australia’s Indigenous Muslims: from histories told by descendants of Afghan cameleers and Malay pearl-divers to the deeply refl ective accounts of contemporary Indigenous converts.

      The men and women interviewed come from many walks of life. They describe dramatic moments of self-empowerment, from the decision of women to adopt the hijab as an expression of their deepening faith to the resistance of male prisoner converts to all forms of extremism – but overwhelmingly they narrate a pilgrimage to renewed possibilities of community.

      About the Author
      Peta Stephenson specialises in the study of cross-cultural relationships between Indigenous and non-white immigrant communities in Australia.

      She recently completed an ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, the University of Melbourne, where she is now an honorary fellow. Her first book, The Outsiders Within (UNSW Press, 2007), traced the hidden story of centuries of trade and intermarriage between Indigenous and South-East Asian communities across Australia.

      Radio Interview

  9. We will fight and we WILL win!!! islam is doomed, and so are its adherents. islam has NO place in the modern word.

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