Haneef to seek 'significant' payout

Here’s a guy who lived with the Glasgow bombers and shared their ideology. Haneef gave his mobile phone SIM card to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed.  Ahmed’s brother, Kafeel, drove a car into Glasgow airport in June in an apparent suicide attack. He later died of his injuries. Haneef was investigated and found undesirable.  More than 10$ million dollars of taxpayers money has been wasted on unnecessary inquiries and investigations. Now Haneef wants to cash in, big time. And his chances are good: a dhimmi Labor government in power and any amount of shysters to advance his cause. “Justice” for Muslims means fleecing the infidels. If Australians don’t get their act together, we’ll see more of the same:

By Kym Agius/7News

The Australian government should pay dearly for the injustices suffered by cleared terror suspect Mohamed Haneef, his lawyer says.

The Indian-born doctor will return to Australia next month for compensation talks stemming from his wrongful detention by Australian Federal Police (AFP) in July 2007.

His lawyers are refusing to reveal the level of compensation sought but say it will be “a significant amount of money”.

Dr Haneef was held in custody for 12 days in 2007 before being charged with recklessly giving support to a terrorist organisation when his mobile phone SIM card was linked to an attack in Britain the same year.

The charges were later dropped as prosecutors admitted bungling the case, and an independent inquiry has cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Dr Haneef, who was working at the Gold Coast Hospital when he was arrested, is seeking damages including for lost earnings, the damage to his reputation and the emotional stress he endured.

He is due to return to Australia with his wife and child ahead of two days of mediation talks with the federal government in Brisbane on December 20 and 21.

Rod Hodgson, of the legal firm Maurice Blackburn, on Monday said he expected the compensation bid would be settled out of court.

“Dr Haneef has suffered a terrible injustice,” he said.

“We are confident that this government does want to engage in a process to rule a line under this terrible event that is undoubtedly a stain on Australia’s reputation.

“I’m confident that this government does want to do something about redressing that problem.”

He said if the talks failed to resolve the issue, the matter would proceed to court.

“The internal workings of a number of organisations would be the subject of very close scrutiny if this matter went to court, not just the administrative workings, but also at a political level as well,” he said.

“The AFP has already been embarrassed.”

Mr Hodgson urged the government to agree to a fair compensation package, saying at least $8 million of taxpayers’ money had already been wasted pursuing Dr Haneef.

Dr Haneef and his family are yet to obtain visas to return for the hearings, the first time he’ll set foot back in Australia since he left in mid-2007.

Despite his experiences, Mr Hodgson said, the family may return to Australia for good.

“He’s indicated that he loved Australia … and one day he may well return to Australia permanently,” Mr Hodgson said.

Dr Haneef has been working as a doctor in the United Arab Emirates for the past 18 months.

The mediation will be chaired by former judge Tony Fitzgerald QC.

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  1. I was waiting to see whether his beard was longer, since he apparently, found his faith upon return to India.

    He looks more islamic, now.

  2. Our homegrown terrorist, pin-up boy of GetUp, Dick Smith, Julian Burnside and others, David ‘like-big-tits’ Hicks will be the next to make a claim for a massive payout.

    Ahh – sigh – whoever said that crime doesn’t pay was a lying mohammedan.

  3. Loves Australian money is more to the point.

    Whose fault is it anyway? It is our fault for putting up with this nonsence day in and day out in our courts. Big payouts for these third world criminals and the “Band Plays Waltzing Matilda”. Wake up Australia and throw the bum out! followed by Mr. Trad, another bludger gracing our shores with his multi marriages and umpteen kids we are all paying for.

  4. Another MUSLIM rorting our pathetically inadequate justice system, with which they tie us up in knots while laughing in their ugly beards!!! Know what? most of these people are NOT Australian citizens, and even if they ARE, the minute they ARE KNOWN to have terrorist ties, they should be deported as undesirable aliens..with NO COMPENSATION whatsoever!. If there isn’t a Law dealing with this growing problem, then we should MAKE one.. get our LAZY MPs off their collective arses and fix our problems! this will be a total disaster with PM Gutless Guillard in charge, the government will bend over apologetically while these money grubbing whining muslims shove it up our proverbial! what can we expect from a useless dhimmi PM like Julia except complete capitulation to muslim bullies? Just look at her Modus Operandi in dealing with our Islamic terror threat, giving a “gift”to Indonesia of $500 million for them to build 2000 Islamic schools!! and another $500 million in a few years time!! Oh and not to mention the new detention centres, housing, and units being built for muslims warm reception illegally to our shores!! ( well known FACT: most illegal immigrants FLY into Indonesia, pay for a leaky boat and sail into our waters where our dummy system takes them on board, and within a year they”re getting a lifestyle you and I can only dream about! free housing, benefits, medicals, don’t HAVE to work cos they’re unskilled, can’t speak the language,unemployable cos they wear the burqa, popping out ten babies to our one , all kept on the government purse…!!!! While we ‘ré at the task of making new laws to stop this insanity, lets also cancel our membership to the United Nations Human Rights Commission who dictate the “rights”of these people ( to be taken into our country) to the huge detriment of our own rights to DECIDE who comes here !! pardon me now while I puke!!!I want our old Prime Minister back( Howard) who stated that if muslims did not like our laws, did not wish to abide by them, then they could feel free to LEAVE!!

  5. What are his chances? Well pretty good if you ask me after all we just gave millions to Benyamin Mohammad was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT then on a TEMPORARY RESIDENCE permit so he could find some stupid country to let him in but ABSCONDED of his own free will to AFGHANISTAN ( for drug “rehabilitation” he says????) then thought he would pop over to PAKISTAN for some TERRORIST TRAINING (as you do) and was then arrested with a FALSE PASSPORT and TERRORIST TRAINING material trying to board a plane to UK. He got a PRIVATE CHARTERED JET to bring him back to UK from the USA and PERMANENT RESIDENCE all the SOCIAL SECURITY benefits his heart desired and now MILLIONS of UK TAXPAYERS MONEY. So will HANNEEF who is at the very LEAST a TERRORISTS WILLING COLLABORATOR be rewarded too well judging by Benyamin’s case indeed he will.

  6. Can’t dispute any of the above.

    Fact is we have a clueless useless PM who climbed up the slippery pole to get where she is today.

    Enjoy it while you can Julia – like Kevin your exit is approaching fast.

    I can hardly wait.

    Great message too from Aussie Girl.

  7. And where exactly is our Prime Minister “at” today? At the top of that shit pole is the best she can do. What a dismal failure she is. We always imagined our first female PM would be something of a miraculous event – Well, a Virgin Mary she aint.

  8. it is a very bad dicision taken by the Australian governement to pay a compensation for a Indian Muslim terrorist. sure this money will be used by this terrorist against Australians. Be remembered that according to muslims, more killing of non muslims will bring more blessings. sure he will be more dangerous to Australian community than before. it was the truth that he had involvement with his cousin who tried to blast glascow international airport. i am sad to read the compensation amount. Haneef shoud be arrested again and put into prison. he left australia with fear and terror and even did not inform to the gold coast hospital authorities also in a proper manner.

  9. Pavin,
    Write to the Federal and State governments with your concerns v- we need people to lobby for THEIR country and we need to wrest control from the left wing fools who are doing their level best to destroy our country.

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