"Islam is Peace" and other nonsense….

Death count is up to 71 in Paki Mosque Bombing:

At least 71 people have been killed in northwest Pakistan after two mosques were targeted by suspected Taliban fighters.

The first attack happened as Friday prayers ended and a man blew himself up in Darra Adam Khel, leaving 66 dead. Later just outside Peshawar, grenades were thrown into a mosque killing five people and wounding eleven. (Al Jizz)

Its all the U.S.’s Fault:

Hitlary Clitman reaches out:

The Left’s Love Affair With Anti-Semitic Fundamentalist Muslims Continued: Hillary Clinton Reaches Out To Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, is  about to receive an official visit from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Anwar’s anti-Semitism is classic and unabashed; he thinks there are “Israeli intelligence personnel in the Police IT unit,” that Jews are controlling Malaysian foreign policy on Iran and “the Palestinian question,” and that his opponents have close ties to the “Zionist regime”–always the Zionist regime- (Newsreal)

In other news from modern, moderate Malaysia:   Student caned for having non-halal food

Jihad By Vuvuzela

Muslim youth have discovered a new weapon to counter the dissemination of unwanted ideas: the vuvuzela.  Pro-Palestinian activists used the African noise horn to try to silence a Jewish professor in Brussels.  continue reading

Dog Days

Give generously: Indonesia needs your money!

Rescue workers in Indonesia continue to pick through the remains of whole villages destroyed by the country’s Mount Merapi volcano, which has so far claimed the lives of more than 120 people.

Rescuers redoubled their efforts on Saturday, switching their focus to helping the 200,000 people who have been forced to leave their homes following the eruptions.

Indonesia ramps up volcano relief  (Al Jizz)
Efforts focus on the thousands of people who have fled to makeshift camps following latest eruptions.

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4 thoughts on “"Islam is Peace" and other nonsense….”

  1. indonesia? hah. I’d rather like the volcano to bury that whole country and leave nobody alive. Let them cry to their mohammedan brothers for help.

  2. ‘Sexual predators’: Gang of Asian men weep as they are jailed for total of 32 years for abusing white girls as young as 12



    Just Asian eh?
    One of the tragedies in Britain, along with this one, is the continuous slander of all Asians. These types of absolutely horrendous crimes against White Infidel women and girls, is quite common in Europe, and is hidden under the umbrella of “hate” crimes at the best. Never, but never is the true motivation of these crimes given- that is, the Jihad based contempt of Muslims for women in general and Infidel women in particular.

  3. It is always heartening when “we” the onlookers see the gaping cracks in Islam. When they begin to feast on the flesh of their “Own” – we know the end is in sight when they become canibals. Lets hope they eat themselves up quickly and rid the world of this menace.
    You are 100% correct DP 111 – Muslim men hate women with a venom. They are afraid of them I think. They are stronger physically we know, but the mentality of the animal leaves much to be desired. They use sex as a punishment. Speaking personally, I know it for a fact.

  4. If you are a true Muslim believer, the volcanic erruptions, the tsunami’s, disease, famine, and the whole stinking lot would have to be the will of Allah == wouldn’t it? On your knees brother!

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