Change! ‘Further withdrawal of traditional British support for Israel’

Queen Elizabeth visited Abu Dhabi this week and is heading to Oman from there. We knew that much already. What we may not have known is the context for this visit: An abandonment of what little support for Israel that Britain maintained and a hard shift to toeing the Arab line. If you’re all getting the impression that the only one left on our side is God, that’s probably the impression you’re supposed to be getting.  British columnist Melanie Phillips discusses this story in her Friday column.  Read the whole thing.  (Israel Matzav)

(INN) Contrary to popular belief, Palestinian Authority terrorists are motivated by religious and national ideology, not personal suffering, a PA researcher has found. The researcher, Bassam Yousef Banat, found that most terrorist killers were educated.

180,000 Palestinians Treated in Israeli Hospitals This Year

Thanks to efficient cooperation between the Israeli and the Palestinian sides, tens of thousands of Palestinians patients benefit from treatments in Israeli hospitals each year. (IMRA)

Guess who Egyptians are blaming for Murdered Copts?

Tensions have been running high between Egypt’s Muslim majority and minority Christians, who make up about 9 percent of the people. Copts, who are adherents of an Egyptian sect of Christianity, complain of discrimination, including the lack of freedom to build houses of worship. The government denies those accusations.   Al-Azhar asks Coptic Church to denounce U.S. report saying Copts face discrimination: Historically, if dhimmis complained about their treatment, their contract of “protection” was revoked and their lives were forfeit. Even today, that idea remains as a cultural hangover in the Islamic world: non-Muslims who are persecuted know they better keep silent about that persecution, or things will get even worse.

Canada won’t attend Durban anti-Israel hatefest

If only we had leadership like this everywhere in the Western world. “Canada won’t attend Durban racism ‘hatefest,’ Kenney calls it ‘charade,'” from The Canadian Press

Not a photo-montage, this is an actual file photo of the Muslim POTUS Obama lecturing the Canadian PM.

Obama to Harper: “You are so going to regret this move, Mr. Prime Minister.” Harper to Obama: “You kow where you can stick that finger, don’t you, Mr. President?”   (Barenaked)

Canada won’t attend Durban racism ‘hatefest,’ Kenney calls it ‘charade’

Just when we were beginning to get into the holiday spirit, the United Nations decided that Durban III is coming to town.

Like the Ground Zero mosque architects, the UN has decided to pour salt in the wounds of still grieving Americans. The crowds at Durban I held high their signs reading: “For the liberation of Quds, machine-guns based upon faith and Islam must be used,” and “The martyr’s blood irrigates the tree of revolution in Palestine.” The obvious connection between hate and terror, or incitement to violence and violence itself, is either irrelevant to the UN or part of the plan.   Read more: (

UN Human Rights Council adopted nine anti-Israel resolutions this month; Obama’s U.S. delegation opposed none of them

Obama continues on his relentlessly anti-Israel, pro-jihad course. “Obama’s UN Officials Silent on Nine Anti-Israel Resolutions,” by Chana Ya’ar for Israel National News, November 22 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

They don’t make martyrs like they used to (Elder of Ziyon)

The Hamas media is mourning the loss of their latest member to be killed.

The Palestine Times headlines the article “In Jabalia – the Martyrdom of an al-Qassam Mujahid.”

The English Al Qassam website spoke of the fallen fighter in glowing terms:

the mujahed Bilal Maher Zaqout was martyred due to a live bullet fired by mistake while he was cleaning his own gun in Jabalia refugee camp north of the Gaza Strip.

Yes, this Hamas hero shot himself in the chest while cleaning his gun.

Israel: “High percentage” of women murdered by husbands are Muslims, police do little

Can’t blame the police. Why would they want to get themselves into the firing line for Muslim females who are considered domestic animals?

Israeli police appear to be hesitant to interfere in cases of domestic violence among Muslims; perhaps they’re afraid of being labeled “Islamophobic.” This story shows that such political correctness does nothing but endanger women. “‘Inaction puts Arab women at risk from domestic violence,’” by Ruth Eglash in the Jerusalem Post, November 24 (thanks to JW)