Minister accuses Muslims of hostility towards Germans

The Bunglawussi shrieks: “so Muslims aren’t Germans?”

No. Muslims are not Germans. Never will be.

German Family Minister Kristina Schroeder on Tuesday criticized Muslim youths for displaying hostility towards Germans.

“Such abuse is unfortunately commonplace amongst youths in certain areas – in the school yard, but also in the underground,” Schroeder told daily tabloid Bild. “We are dealing with fundamentally hostile attitudes towards other groups – particularly against Germans and Christians,” the minister continued, adding, “We need to act as decisively against this as against xenophobia.”

Her comments come amid a fierce debate currently taking place in Germany about the integration of the country’s 4 million Muslims, the majority of whom are of Turkish origin.

DPA, 2 November 2010

“German” jihadists smoked in Waziristan

A German passport does not a German make: none of their names are remotely German

Lets play “spot the Germans”, shall we?

Eight “Germans” who were killed in a US Predator airstrike on Oct. 4 near the Taliban and al Qaeda stronghold of Mir Ali in North Waziristan have been identified.


Pakistani officials and local tribesmen said the eight Germans “were holding a crucial meeting” at a compound in the town of Mosaki just outside the town of Mir Ali, The Express Tribune reported. The strike occurred near the Masjid Bilal. Early reports indicated that the strike took place at the mosque.

The eight Germans were members of the Islamic Jihad Group (or Islamic Jihad Union), an offshoot of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. The Islamic Jihad Group is based out of the Mir Ali region and is closely allied with al Qaeda.

Among those killed were three senior members of the IJU: Brusely, also known as Fayyaz, who served as the operations chief for the Islamic Jihad Group; Gagreen Gill, also known as Siraj, who was in charge of finances; and Milton Smith, also known as Jamal, who was described as an “expert bomb maker.”

The other Germans killed were Wash (Mustafa), Johnson (Wasal), Anderson (Waqas), Paterson (Shaheen), and Peterson Mckenzie (Usman). Both Wash and Johnson were both Germans and Saudi passport holders.

The eight Germans were targeted based on intelligence obtained from Rami Mackenzie, a German who was detained in June in the Pakistani district of Bannu, which borders North Waziristan. Mackenzie, who is said to be an expert at manufacturing suicide bombs, was wearing a burka when he was captured along with his family by Pakistani police.

The eight Germans are the latest Europeans killed in US strikes in North Waziristan since the discovery of an al Qaeda plot that targeted several major European cities and was modeled after the terror assault on the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008.

On Sept. 8, eight other Germans and two Britons were reported killed in a Predator strike in the al Qaeda stronghold of Datta Khel. An Islamic Jihad Group commander known as Qureshi was also reported killed in the attack. Qureshi specialized in training Germans to conduct attacks in their home country. Two of the Germans were identified as Abu Askar, and Imran Almani. The Briton, who was identified as Abdul Jabbar, had been appointed the leader of the Islamic Army of Great Britain and was tasked with carrying out terror assaults in Britain, France, and Germany, using assault rifles and suicide vests.

German and Turkish Muslims make up a significant portion of the Islamic Jihad Group. Its fighters are often referred to as German Taliban, and they carry out attacks in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last year, the Islamic Jihad Group released video of ‘German Taliban villages’ in Waziristan. Its fighters were seen training at camps and conducting military operations.

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  1. * “We need to act as decisively against this as against xenophobia.”

    More funding, sensitivity training, diversity officers & secret herbs?

  2. “More funding, sensitivity training, diversity officers & secret herbs?”

    Yes indeed.

    Especially more Muslims in government, so that they can eliminate all obstacles to the introduction of sharia, removing crosses from Hospitals & Schools, Sharia Banking etc etc……

  3. Mullah I can add “ich liebe Kristina Schroeder” – because at least it’s progress (but lol @ your 1st comment). I suspect that Germans are quite careful of being accused of things with their Hitler history – until now, it’s worked, but then Salazzin wrote that book the other day and I know people in Germany – they are FED UP and wouldn’t be surprised about a civil war even.

    “German and Turkish Muslims make up a significant portion of the Islamic Jihad Group.” How un-German of them.

    “The Bunglawussi shrieks: “so Muslims aren’t Germans?” Yup! and Duh! Obviously. Germans are infidels who should be put to death according to that unholy book of theirs.

    “Mackenzie, who is said to be an expert at manufacturing suicide bombs, was wearing a burka when he was captured along with his family by Pakistani police.” – so now he’s a cross-dresser too? They even love cows, goats, donkeys and little boys and now this!?

    What is islam coming to? LOL

    On a serious note though… muslims think they’re on top and making progress, but the truth is they’re in BIG TROUBLE. People everywhere are angry and extremely fed up. They like to use the domestic abuse, emotional blackmail, Stockholm Syndrome thing, but I guess they’ve never heard of Battered Wife Syndrome. Infidels are about to snap and then the sh*t is going to hit the fan.

    Coming SOON to a mosque near you…

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