Mohammed only wanted to repair the relationship

Adelaide man Mohammed Tasleem Tahir charged with torture

A SOUTH Australian man who tracked down his former girlfriend on the Gold Coast before allegedly slicing open her cheeks and cutting off part of her tongue has appeared in court.

Mohammed Tasleem Tahir, 21, was not required to enter a plea during a brief appearance in Southport Magistrates Court yesterday, but faces charges of grievous bodily harm, acts intending to maim or disfigure causing grievous bodily harm and torture over an horrific incident at a Surfers Paradise unit early Saturday morning.

The police report submitted to the court gave a sickening account of the injuries sustained by Catherine Jessica Cameron, 20, who police will allege moved to the Gold Coast six months ago to get away from her former partner, who eventually followed her because he “wanted to repair the relationship”.

Police claim the young woman was out with friends on Friday night when she received a series of threatening messages and returned to her unit.

Once home, she was allegedly confronted by Tahir, who hit her repeatedly with an empty rum bottle, leaving her with a fractured eye socket before placing her in a headlock and holding a knife to her throat.

Police will allege he then put the knife in her mouth, slicing both of her cheeks and cutting her tongue in half.

She told police she “played dead” so he would stop hurting her.

She remains in hospital after being treated for her shocking injuries.

Woman’s tongue ‘cut out’ Courier Mail, 9 hours ago

Tahir was arrested at the unit a short time later after police received a triple-0 call.

Appearing for Tahir, defence barrister Bernard Battley said his client would apply for bail at his next court appearance, at Southport on November 26.

9 thoughts on “Mohammed only wanted to repair the relationship”

  1. Mohammed Tasleem Tahir (good South Aussie name) will quite likely have a traumatic childhood in (islamic paradise), followed by suffering in infidel detention facility, and will develop a history of mental illness in time for the trial…

  2. What about the barrister seeking bail?? The girl will live in fear of his relations when he goes to jail. More should be done to warn girls about these animals..I hope he gets ”justice” in prison.

  3. Find the pricks family and watch them. If he is given bail we need photos of the thug to be published. So girls, that is why you never trust a muslim male and never, ever, be alone with one of these creeps.

  4. How did this vile piece of humanity get into the country?

    What country did he come from and by what means

    What Immigration Official failed to do his job

    Was a politician involved, and if so who?

    Which legal firm argued his case in appeals

    Come people of Australia demand to know what went

    How many more cases are there like this guess is that in terms of physical violence against women by new immgrants from Islamic shit holes are running at 1-2 per week

  5. The only thing lower than a stinking muslim is a slimy lawyer who will use any excuse to get them off,and a feel good judge who condons the act,to hell with all of them.

  6. wow u guys are actually ridiculous blaming the fact that he is “muslim ” for this… he is born and bred in australia is of FIJIAN decent..
    racism at its finest bravo australia bravo…because im pretty sure australians never do anything wrong

  7. “Racism”? What “race” would that be, df? The “race” that seeks to kill, maim, convert or extract protection money from people not of that “race”, perhaps? Do “races” normally have handbooks of horror instructing members on how to treat people not of that ‘race”?

    This “race”, and its filthy “god”, perhaps?
    8:12 Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instil terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”

    People can and do leave this “race”, which is the best thing for them.

  8. Ozzie Bloke, i agree with df, he is born and bred aussie. i feel you are trying to say aussies dont commit crime so waht about chopper read.

    But in saying that i dont agree wwith the crime he has commiteed. i think he should rot in jail and learn his lesson.He can rot in hell as well.

    Also make note people are saying his wife, he was not married to her. he was commiting Zina himslef so why point a finger at her when his own backyard is not clean
    He shouls rt in hell and the lawyer who is trying to bail him- hope he has a daughter.

  9. i know both catherine and taz, cat is my best friend, whereas taz is scum.
    its doing my head in having people try and justify what he did to her based on his religious beliefs, because that’s a load of crap.
    he kept her on a lead the size of 5c piece and allowed her nothing, this was purely fueled by this paranoia, due to the fact that he smoke copious amounts of weed and took one to many pills. He was no more muslim than i am, and im all aussie baby.
    jail just isnt enough for all the pain and torment he caused my gorgeous girl and her family, because he destroyed her spirit, because before she left for QLD he had worn her down to the point of being ill.
    its nothing to do with religion, that man is pure evil. and im almost positive that the translation of Tasleem Tahir is lucifer.
    He’s an ass, and if if he gets out, oh boy will there be a long line to do some harm to that boy. me first.

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