Next they'll ban underwear….

… and cars. And breast implants. Or shoes. How ’bout Dogs? Its been done. Perhaps we should ban pilots too? How about giving Muslims an enema before letting them board?

This will solve the problem: toner and ink cartridges to be banned from U.S.-bound commercial planes

Robert Spencer:

I wrote this last December: “One thing we have seen over the years since 9/11 is that airport security is always one step behind the jihadists: after jihadist Richard Reid attempted to set off a bomb hidden in his shoes, we all have to take off our shoes and send them through security scanners. After a group of jihadists tried to sneak onto planes explosive chemicals hidden in drink bottles, we can’t carry drinks through airport security terminals. Because Abdulmutallab attempted his jihad attack just before the plane landed, now we can’t get up during the last hour of the flight. The one thing that the TSA should have learned, but hasn’t, is that next time the jihadists will do something else, not just repeat what they did before. And even if every passenger were given a full body cavity search, they will find some way to get around it. But attempt a new approach based on sensible profiling? The TSA would rather fold up shop altogether.”

This new measure won’t stop a single jihad terror attack. Confronting the ideology and belief-system that motivates such attacks might do that, but there is no way Napolitano is going to do that.

“U.S. Bans All Cargo Shipments From Somalia,” from Fox News, November 8 (thanks to JW):

DEVELOPING: The U.S. is banning all cargo shipments from Somalia following the failed mail bomb plot that originated in Yemen, Reuters reports.U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday that toner and ink cartridges over 16 ounces will also be prohibited on U.S.-bound commercial planes….

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  1. This is one of the main problems with islam’s influence on the west. And it is a problem that refuses to be recognized and approached by western politicians and media on the whole, except for a few sensible and brave people – but, they are generally voices crying in the dark. The problem I am thinking about relates to this lovely blog article – the problem is: that islam detracts things from the culture of the west in its barbaric and archaic demands on the west’s freedoms and religions and cultures.
    Yes, islam does not contribute anything to the west, it detracts things from the west. Halal meats being secretly sold in hamburger and chicken outlets and in supermarkets without regard to the traditions of the prevalent western cultures – stealth islamification of the west. One used to be able to fly in relative safety and pleasure, but now it is a nightmare beyond description, and humiliating to ordinary western passengers – because islam once again has detracted things of pleasure from the west. Schools and department stores are banned from mentioning Christmas on cards or in school Christmas plays and pageants – it is now mandated in England that it is to be called a “winter festival”, not Christmas – again, the demands of islam detracting things traditional to the west. Many swimming pools are now telling the public that certain days or hours are forbidden to the citizens of that country because archaic and tribally ridiculous demands have been made for separate and segregated swimming hours for muslims – again, islam detracting from the west. Many airports, and offices, in the west now have feet-washing facilities and prayer rooms for muslims – are there any separate places for Jewish people, for Buddhists, for Hindus for Shintoists, or people of other faiths to wash their hands or feet, or pray? No, but islam again detracts from the traditions and cultural comforts of the west. The list could go on and on and on… And, has islam contributed anything to the west? Depsite that idiot Obama saying in India that it is a great religion of peace and love? Oh, how he LIES – lies through his back teeth. Wake up, Obama and all you other pallid and cowardly politicians – tell me ONE thing that islam has contributed to the west – a then prove it. You will find that there is nothing in the bucket – except lies, corruption and murder.
    The politicians and media of the west have got to wake up to the real truth about islam. The truth is that it is a death cult, NOT a religion. It is a dangerous, deadly, and barbaric death cult propagated by an illiterate and psychotically deranged camel-driver and tribal despot who stained this beautiful planet with his abhorrent presence 1400 years ago. A deranged sexual maniac who also happened to be a pedophile and took the virginity of a little nine-year old girl for his twisted pleasure. No, islam had got to be eradicated from this world. And, it will – eventually people will wake up and see it for what it is – a dangerous, barbaric and archaic CULT.

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