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Chris Matthews Calls GOP Candidates ‘Stray Cats and Dogs’ MEDIA

“a strange group you never would have predicted a year out”  Read More »

Texas: 200 imams taught how to run sharia courts

Creeping Sharia:

If everything is really bigger in Texas, we have a very large problem Houston. Hat tip to LogansWarning, who has more on the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America inHelping Muslims Live by Sharia:

AMJA’s 7th Annual Imam Workshop in Houston Texas (Go back to sleep. There is really no intention to replace the constitution with sharia. Or is there?)

British foreign secretary to meet Pali activists terrorists in East Jerusalem

William Hague’s itinerary, which includes Sheikh Jarrah, raises eyebrows in Israel’s diplomatic corps.

Hague, a “rightwing Conservative” minister in the United Kingdom’s coalition government, was scheduled to arrive in Israel late Tuesday for a trip for secret roundtable discussions on the Iranian nuclear program with a long list top Israeli officials.  (Haaretz)

Wild Goose Chase: Gillard drowns in Asia

Andrew Bolt

Julia Gillard’s disastrous tour of East Asia.

We play the rebuff she got from the Indonesian president on her proposed East Timor centre and her sad spinning at a press conference after a similar cold shoulder from the Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister. Channel 9’s Ben Fordham, who followed Gillard on the trip, joins us to describe how badly it went.    Listen here.  (Andrew Bolt)

Boats still come, Gillard’s plan still bogged


Not the places for Gillard to bring her boyfriend Andrew Bolt

Malaysia and Indonesia were perhaps not quite the places for a Prime Minister to bring a boyfriend. Indonesia’s President, for instance, has certain views on de factos:

Living together out of wedlock is still viewed as a disgraceful deed that goes against the norms of religions and laws,” he said.

Miranda Devine lays it out to Gillard:

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    The Red Wave has happened in America today. Not a bloodbath!
    No, the muslims have not started a jihad.
    The red comes from the Republican Party sweeping away the Blues – Democrats.

  2. * Boats still come, Gillard’s plan still bogged

    (via Mad About Mahound)


    Agents market asylum dream

    [ON Tuesday last week, 17-year-old Zabih received the phone call he has been dreaming of from his cousin in Australia.

    “He told me that Afghans have suffered a lot but finally things are getting better for them now that your government is allowing asylum-seekers and families to live in the community,” the affable young Afghan refugee told The Australian at his family’s restaurant in suburban Islamabad.

    Zabih’s family had already applied unsuccessfully for legal refugee status in Australia. Now he believes the asylum-seeker route is their best option.

    On the same day, in a different part of Islamabad, a Pakistani father with a sick daughter sat down with a trusted travel agent and began plotting his family’s asylum path to Australia.]

    * The “refugee advocates” seem to know when the next boat is arriving long before “border protection”.

  3. * Wild Goose Chase: Gillard drowns in Asia

    Wild jizya handout:


    Jakarta says let’s talk later as PM hands over $500m

    [JULIA Gillard has failed to win Jakarta’s clear support for her proposal to build a regional asylum-seeker processing centre in East Timor. ]

    (“win” = buy)

    [Yesterday, Ms Gillard came bearing gifts on her first prime ministerial visit to Indonesia, promising Dr Yudhoyono $100 million for each of the next five years to boost his push to ensure all Indonesian children have at least nine years of schooling by 2015.

    The money will be used to expand up to 2000 schools and to support 1500 Islamic schools to lift their standards to qualify for accreditation to national standards.]

    [The funding continues previous Australian commitments to the Indonesian education system, including efforts to reduce radical teaching in Islamic schools.

    Dr Yudhoyono expressed his appreciation for the assistance, but was non-committal on Ms Gillard’s push for a policy shift on asylum-seekers.]

  4. Any idiot would have known this would never work. They are all Muslims and of course they will not stop any boats and will never be a party to setting up anything to interfere with their takeover of Australia. Politicians of Australia must be absolutely stupid to think they ever would. They are school children and again another Australian politician has made a big fool of themselves. It is time for every politician to take a course in Islam 101, and it should be mandatory.
    ###########However on another point, Does anyone know if the acid attack on a mother and child in Melbourne is related to a Muslim? And does anyone know if the Doctor who cut away the genitals of a woman in NSW (I think) and is now facing court here in Australia a Muslim doctor. He was reported in the court as saying when he had her on the operation table that he would have to remove the clitoris as well. I would like to know and the public has a right to know.

  5. O yes, and the point about bringing along the boyfriend of the PM. She is a bloody idiot if she would not observe this protocol ANYWHERE. The world is not as open minded as this even in open minded societies. She is flaunting sensibilities of people in other age groups as well as the religious beliefs of others. But it is laughable from our point of view that Islam could be insulted by this as their perversions are enormous compared to JG’s behaviour. For Islam to be ofended by any behaviour is laughable when they use children as sex objects and the treatement of women in general is abhorant. They should not point a finger. And I dont think they will ever deal with a woman – to them she is and always be a joke. That’s how they are.

  6. The acid attack seems to be RoP connected.

    The doctor who cut out the whole vagina has a regular Anglo name and no motivation can be established at this point.

    As for “insulting Islam” it doesn’t take much. Islam is insulted by the existence of unbelievers, so there isn’t much we can do other than reinforcing our defense…..

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