Piracy: Kenya takes the easy way out

“Kenya cannot prosecute Somali pirates”

Of course not. Prosecuting Islamic piracy would seriously enrage the ummah, which would be hampered in their efforts to wage jihad. All the more reason why the West has to get its act together and why we need a strong America….

MOMBASA, Kenya — A Muslim judge (Judge Mohammed Ibrahim) in Kenya’s second-highest court said Tuesday that the country does not have jurisdiction to try pirates if attacks have taken place outside Kenya’s waters, a decision that could harm U.S. and international efforts to have pirates tried in East Africa. (Source)

Just a few days ago Somali Pirates were rewarded with the biggest ransom to date:

SOMALI Pirates have bucked the recession and earned an impressive £7.5m in mooring fees for Samho Dream, a South Korean oil tanker carrying $170m of crude and 24 crew (5.8m) and Golden a Singaporean flagged ship with 23 Chinese crew (£1.7m).  (Source)

Says Hussain, spokesman for Pirates Inc.:

We are now counting our cash. Soon we shall get down from the ship.”

Pirates are currently storing around 25 vessels.

Somali Pirates Inc is offering kidnappers and extortionists a franchise agreement. Londoners keen to take advantage of this offer should report to island in the middle of Regent’s Park boating lake on December 15th.

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