Like Phoenix from the ashes, the song lives and keeps coming around no matter how many times our censors ban it. Pass it on, in the name of freedom and free speech, pass it on!

Thanks to whoever saved it and posted it back on the web! Sheik Yer’mami’s song already had 2 million downloads 3 years ago, how many will it be now? Let this be the counter jihad hymn!

Winds Of Jihad

MET-ALLAH-CA | Myspace Music Videos

5 thoughts on “Rediscovered!”

  1. Great to see us all working together.

    Here is a little information regarding the proposed mosque in Newcastle. The locals are infuriated and so they want your support.
    I hope some of us can make it to Newcastle for this protest.

    “This is a call to action! Concerned Novocastrians will hold a protest against the proposed Saudi funded Elermore Vale mosque on Friday, 3rd December, starting from 12.00pm to 2.00pm. We urge you to inform your friends, residents and family to come and join us in opposing the proposed mega mosque at Elermore Vale. It is important we send a loud and clear message to NCC that this proposed mosque is not wanted in Elermore Vale” APP (Australian Protectionist Party).

    This would be a golden opportunity to show our government in a way that may ring some bells to some of them. Novacastrians would like your support.
    So leave the laptop, take your camera and do a positive thing for our country. We can post stuff forever on a website, but participation in matters like this that do matter, can only be a good first step.

    Thanks Sheik.

    The Newcastle Muslim Association submitted their mosque DA to Newcastle City Council last September. Newcastle City Council is currently assessing the mosque DA before submission to the Joint Regional Planning Panel in January 2011. The exhibition period for objections is now closed however we still have a window of opportunity while Council is still assessing the mosque development application.

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