Swiss monument against minarets causes 'hurt feelings' to the Muslim minority…

… which  provokes the global ummah of 1.5 gazillion peaceful Muslims to explode in a violent jihad to remedy this insolent act of non-submission by the filthy kuffars:

Swiss will build monument to mark minaret ban

You really have to hand it to the Swiss people, a year ago they banned minarettes, the Muslim world went Ape ( no offense meant towards the Apes) after all I have never heard of an Ape going “Muslim” now that would be an insult to the Apes

You have really got to love the Swiss     (Up pompeii)

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You really have to hand it to the Swiss people, a year ago they banned minarettes, the Muslim world went Ape ( no offense meant towards the Apes) after all I have never heard of an Ape going “Muslim” now that would be an insult to the Apes

Well now in Switzerland the Muslims have another opportunity to mimic a higher life form – namely the Apes – yes they will probably “go Ape again”

The Swiss – God luv ’em – have decided that they are going to have a permanent monument celebratring the day that minarettes were banned in Switzerland, the monument will be in Langenthal where the campaign to outlaw minarettes started.

The Swiss Islamic Shura Central Council condemned on Saturday the intention of the (Stop Minaret) Commission to build a monument commemorating the Prohibition of the construction of minarets in Switzerland.

The Monument should be in Langenthal, a small city in Central Switzerland.

The Media spokesman of the Council Qaasim Illi said to the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that “the announcement of such a move just one year after the Swiss voters approved a ban on building minarets is a clear provocation to the feelings of the Muslim minority in the country and a symbol of the marginalization and aggressiveness.” He also noted that the idea “also bears the signature of an intolerant Triumphalism and harbors the danger that the general effort to mutual acceptance and understanding among religions could suffer another defeat”.

Have you ever seen so much verbal diarrhoea in one paragraph, I know this had to be a Muslim making this statement because Apes, to the best of my knowledge,  have not yet learned to lie.

8 thoughts on “Swiss monument against minarets causes 'hurt feelings' to the Muslim minority…”

  1. Si non vuole rimanere in Svizzera, puo ritornare alla patria.
    Si vous ne voulez pas rester dans la Suisse, vous pouvez retourner a votre patrie.
    Wenn Sie nicht in der Schweiz bleiben moechte, dann koennen Sie
    in der Heimat zurueck kehren.
    If you don’t want to stay in Switzerland, you can go back to your homeland.

  2. OT but this needs to be publicised as widely as possible.

    Excrement Thrown on Church in Avignon

    Wednesday, the church of Saint-Jean. Father Gabriel, the parish priest, speaks to the press almost in desperation. For several months his church has been the target of insulting and obscene graffiti, and of excrement… Last week the cypress tree next to the building (photo above) was set on fire, threatening the church itself. For the priest, “these acts have a direct connection with what has been happening in Iraq where Christians are being attacked.” Right away father Gabriel speaks of inter-ethnic tensions and denounces the “climate that is becoming more and more aggressive and violent because of a small group of young persons whose ages range from 12 to 16.” At first, father Gabriel thought it was a matter of “incivilities” by young idle neighborhood youth. Foolishness from teens trying to provoke.

    Then, a few days before the burning of the cypress tree, a young person entered the church, in the middle of Mass, urinated on the floor and uttered these terrible words: “We’re going to burn you out, you and your church.” The priest filed a complaint at police headquarters on November 9.

    This is quite appalling, not just for the act but the fact that our MSM refuses to publish such events.

    Muslims already view us as second class citizens. Its only a matter of time when we will be no better off then Christians in Iraq or Pakistan. Why should the West escape what has happened, and is happening in Muslim countries.

    I’m sure that excrement and other vile acts of desecration of churches is going on in Europe, but we never hear of them as the MSM has given up.

  3. Islamic people are overboard when they go ape over such little things, the same with Sulman Rushdie. They are overboard and if they want to go like this, go home to the deserts that they come from and take their Koran with them,

    Do not bring this violent book into our midst

  4. Ah, but there are starting to be “Points of Light”. I refer to the laser shooter in Denmark. If they think he is a problem, wait till they get to the USA. We have lots of guns, bullets, scopes, and moreover know how to use them well. We also have lots of lamp posts to put the bodies on for public viewing…. If you are muslim, book your tickets home early and avoid the rush. If the red dot is on your ass you’re a bit late…
    Us good old boys are waiting…
    CW Orange

  5. Just a monument towards mutual understanding,
    just like the Cordoba-mosque in New York – so stop complaining!

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