Terrific: Australia to boost funding to Islamic education

Helping Muslims to properly understand the meaning of “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them”- how good is that?

Source: SMH

On the face of it, the Australian Government becoming involved in the accreditation of Islamic schools in Indonesia sounds about as unlikely as Madonna giving dancing lessons to the Pope.

However it’s not as implausible as it sounds, and it is about to happen as part of a new partnership agreement that aims to foster development in Indonesia and promote a strong and binding relationship with Australia.

The partnership will focus on a $500 million education program to be managed by AusAid that will see Australian experts involved in school construction, school and district management and Islamic school accreditation.

AusAid has called for tenders from qualified parties to oversee and monitor the program, which will include the building of around 2000 new junior secondary schools, and direct support to 1500 private Islamic schools to reach accreditation against national education standards.

Abu Bakr Bashir will take care of the rest….


by Mathias Hariyadi

In other news:

Excellence Crushed in the Name of Diversity

In a world run by egalitarian moonbats, no child left behind means no child can be allowed to get ahead. (Moonbattery)

A key to that last part is that Islamic education in Indonesia is a far cry from the extreme religious approach one might expect to find in a country like Iran.

Although Indonesia has the largest Muslim population of any country in the world, Islam there is part of a rich multi-cultural mix, and religious tolerance is seen as the cornerstone of relations between different faiths. Moderation is built into the country’s constitutional framework, and its national motto is “unity in diversity”.

Key priorities of the partnership program include reducing disparities in terms of children’s access to education, particularly at junior secondary level, and improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Tender documents say monitoring the education partnership’s overall performance and impact will be the responsibility of the contractor, and that the partnership will be the face of the Australian aid program in Indonesia.

However Australia has invested in a large number of other aid programs in Indonesia, including systems to improve the health of women and children, halt the spread of HIV and address infectious diseases and pandemics.

Australia is also working with Indonesia to address climate change, improve national roads, provide access to safe water and sanitation – and is also supporting reform efforts to strengthen legal, democratic and management institutions.

AusAid says Indonesia increasingly faces the development challenges shared by middle-income countries. “These include developing a globally competitive economy; promoting equity by opening up opportunities for the poor; supporting a dynamic knowledge sector; and becoming a responsible steward for the world’s environmental heritage,” the aid agency says.

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  1. It is not the jail sentence that matters, but the exposure world wide that enlightens everyone to the unscrupulous heathen cult known as islam. Whoever is responsible for this money being sent to Indonesia to educate muslims in the art of murder will pay the price once it makes national news.

  2. hahahahaha How stupid are White people? Bunch of moronic appeasers who are marching themselves to their own demise. Europe, Australia, America. I Don’t get it.

  3. And what does Australia get out of this mega million dollar deal of giving away our taxpayers hard earned money to promote Islam and buy appeasement???? oh thats right, they won’t attack us while we’re peeing money in their pockets!! well, not DIRECTLY anyway!! Bashir will continue to be benignly censured by the Indonesian regime while plotting JIHAD on us, westerners, Christians, Buddhist minorities, who are attacked in the streets and driven from villages, killed, beheaded, and hung from meat hooks, and tortured in New Guinea….we sooo need to help these muslim SOBs….BTW , what happened to the MILLIONS in aid after the Tsunami? they never had to account for where one cent went…but no prizes for guessing eg, the military, madrassas, mosques, and NONE went to rebuild houses for Christian and Buddhist minorities.. no, not ONE red cent! PM Guillard is a dope of gigantic proportion, but what can we expect from a left wing unionist who couldn’t run a chook raffle let alone this country…shame on her with her dhimmitude!

  4. Assalamu Alaikkum sir,

    My name is K.Kareemullah. I finished my B.com(general) in the New College with the scholarship. Now I like to do MBA, but I don’t have money to continue my further studies as I’m very poor. My father left my mother and ran away. In my home my mother, brother and sister are living. Me only taking care of my family, I’m getting 6000 rupees salary. It’s not sufficient to my basic needs. Nobody is helping me to continue my further studies. I’m very interested to study. Please help me for my education. I’ll pray for ur trust to Allah.

    With regards

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