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Labor to break yet another promise – or admit to a lie

Andrew Bolt

I’ll say it again – it’s easier to count Labor’s broken promises than the ones it has kept:

JULIA GILLARD’s election pitch to avoid a ‘’big Australia’’ is to be abandoned after a Treasury warning that strong future immigration is ‘’probably inescapable’’.

In another policy retreat, the government’s population review has been delayed and ‘’recalibrated’’ to focus on skills shortages and regional growth, rather than nominating population targets.

During the election campaign in August, Ms Gillard said… a Treasury projection that Australia would have a population of 36 million people by 2050 was excessive. ‘’I don’t support the idea of a big Australia with arbitrary targets of, say … a 36 million-strong Australia,’’ she said.

However, a Treasury briefing sent to Ms Gillard after the campaign suggests she could have no choice…

A senior Labor source … ‘’I believe the government has accepted the reality that it is not prepared to cut migration to the extent needed to significantly reduce population growth…’’ …

Population Minister Tony Burke has indicated the government might miss an April 2011 deadline for its population review, blaming the extended caretaker period while a new government was being formed.

‘’I don’t want to give a commitment that we’ll be able to get to that [April] time frame,’’ Mr Burke said.

But is this a broken promise or just the exposure of a Labor lie? After all, the signs were there to see even a month before the election, as I noted at the time:

JULIA Gillard is running the most dishonest election campaign we have seen in our lifetime.
She is promising with winks and nudges what she now admits she has no intention of delivering.

The Prime Minister’s key election promise so far is that she’ll cut net immigration, now running at an out-of-control 270,000 people a year.

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  1. Poster Lawrie wonders:

    Why is anyone surprised that Gillard lies ? As a confirmed socialist lying to gain an advantage is considered a legitimate method. It’s obvious that she lacks any principles and worse her government and allies see that as OK. Are there any within the Labor party who feel in any way disgusted by the constant lying and reneging on promises for short term imaginary gains? It’s so true; Labor stands for nothing except power at any cost – our cost.

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