The Joy of Killing

The battle cry of the Companions of Mohammed that night was “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

*** Tabari 8:141 ***

“I myself take joy in the kill itself,” Elmuradi said. “It’s a tradition. … Nobody’s going to stop you from doing something you believe in.”…

He said this in connection with sacrificing a lamb, but kuffar may be pardoned for having a Juan-Williams-like reaction to statements like that from Muslims. In any case, here is a Muslims-are-victims story designed to compel Ontario to revise its livestock slaughtering laws to accommodate Muslims. Once again, the accommodation is always one way and one way only. “Lamb sacrifice fines worry Ottawa Muslims,” from CBC News, November 6 (thanks to JW):

Some Muslims in Canada’s capital region are worried that they may be fined for sacrificing lambs during November’s Eid al-Adha celebrations.

Since 2005 it has been illegal in Ontario for anyone but the owner of a licensed abattoir to buy livestock and slaughter it independently. Last fall, a Muslim man was fined $2,000 for slaughtering and distributing lamb, and another man is scheduled to appear in court next week for killing a pig.

Abed Abufarha used to celebrate Eid by going to farms to slaughter lambs himself. But this year he will head to an abattoir in Pakenham, Ont., to get his lamb meat. He said the regulations have changed a tradition he used to bring his family to.

“It’s getting really serious. They’re just so sharp about it. They want to stop it right away,” said Abufarha. “There’s big fines for slaughtering meat outside of a slaughterhouse.”

Many Muslims in the Ottawa area have begun booking lambs to sacrifice for their Eid feast on Nov. 16, and say they’ll risk killing the animals themselves. Akram Elmuradi has already paid for 10 live lambs he plans to sacrifice with friends.

“I myself take joy in the kill itself,” Elmuradi said. “It’s a tradition. … Nobody’s going to stop you from doing something you believe in.”…

13 thoughts on “The Joy of Killing”

  1. Some one save these lambs from these pathetic and cruel muslim scum!!!! Piss of Abed – if you cannot accept the rules in our countries you can LEAVE!!!

  2. The CBC story is closed for commenting.

    This is another side effect of Muslims in the West. Not only do we have cruel slaughter of poor animals, but the freedom to express one’s views on such cruelty is curtailed.

    Perhaps a picture of “Freedom ” bleeding to death beside the bleeding lamb, would be appropriate.

  3. Let’s take that logic even further. How bout we stop the slaughter of millions of poor defenseless turkeys for Thanksgiving. It seems so convenient to celebrate Christmas by eating ham or turkey that has been killed for you, but lets not have anyone else do the same thing. This is pathetic. Besides why shouldn’t you have the right to go out buy a lamb and slaughter it yourself? You would be doing that if you were hunting a deer, where is the difference? I know. They are Muslims and there fore not real people. Islam is not a real faith anyway. Besides being catholic or protestant or perhaps sceintologists is what you wanna be.

  4. It’s people like this that make this world terrible to live in. This holiday is just an excuse to torture helpless animals. If there is a joy in killing, how about you go kill the other people that do this, kay?

  5. Jordan,
    We will have to destroy the islamic scum that are working to destroy us – their behaviour leaves us litle choice.

  6. I don’t think so Abu. Now give your brain cell a rest after your pointless diatribe, you stupid islmaic retard.

  7. How can anyone judge someone based on religion when it is radicals that make those that are muslim, ALL seem like horrible monsters. I myself am a caucasian american who has stepped outside the circle of society to actually see for myself what Islam is all about and it is a beautiful religion that is more caring, more sincere and more devoted to what they believe than any other religion i have studied (and I have studied many in depth). If you want to judge muslims then find out what the religion is like before you do and and stop ASSUMING that the bad terrorists that have destroyed so much of our world are the full population of Muslim MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!!! Bad things are happening everywhere in this world and its happening because of every race, religion and gender….SO STOP THE PREJUDICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. One more word!!!!!!!!!! They are not killing for the joy of the kill itself. They are rejoicing that the prophet Ibrahim was given the chance to sacrifice a lamb instead of his son even though he was willing to do so and this is not only in the Koran, it is in the Bible as well so all you Christians that are remarking… before speaking! There is a reason behind this and tradition should not be taken from the people, especially the poor because the animals slaughtered are for feeding those of us less fortuneate!!!! Or would you rather see a human die a horrible death from starvation just to save an animal???????

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