Aussie Report, part 3

Willary Clitman had a nice lunch in Melbourne, and fun too:

“Climate Change, the greatest challenge of our time..”

Ms Clinton, in a bright peach pantsuit, and Ms Gillard, wearing power black, turned heads when they later strolled along the banks of the Yarra River flanked by a large security detail.

By early afternoon, the pair was inspecting Australia’s greenest building, where they announced a joint research initiative to bring down the cost of solar power.

“We just had a wonderful lunch and, speaking for myself, I’m still relishing the break in the schedule and having fun in Melbourne,” Ms Clinton told reporters at the announcement.

The former first lady said no single country could address the challenges of climate change alone and she could not imagine a better partner than Australia for building a “green, clean and prosperous future”. (Courier Mail)

When your own side says it, it suddenly makes senseAndrew Bolt exposes -once again- the awesome hypocrisy of  the left.

Born here, but not Australian

Multiculturalism and high immigration is succeeding in dividing us into a nation of tribes, and all that the mulculturalists can now say is “don’t panic”:

ABDUL SKAF loves the beach, camping and the Canterbury Bulldogs, and he wants to be a police officer…But like many young people from immigrant backgrounds he finds it hard to call himself Australian…

“If someone asks me my nationality, I’m Lebanese,” he said…

A study of 339 young people aged 14 to 17 who live in Sydney’s west and south-west suburbs found only one-third of them called themselves Australian even though two-thirds were born here.   (Andrew Bolt)

Wrong Turn:   3 Israelis, 1 Australian almost lynched in Jerusalem

‘Dozens of young men began throwing stones and sticks at us. It was a well-planned ambush,’ driver recounts

Three students from the central city of Givatayim and their Australian friend will never forget their nightly drive to Jerusalem’s city center. The three, who picked up the young woman from the Hebrew University’s Mount Scopus campus, almost paid with their lives after taking a wrong turn.   (Y-net News)

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  1. Abdul Scaf, dont feel bad darling, just go back to the Lebanon. You and yours will be happier there. We dont want anymore Muslims in our police. This is what is wrong with our police force today. I have had personal experience with you lot and we as a nation dont want people who only want a job for the money. We want people who love our country.
    You have shown your true colours in the raping of our women, 86 of them at the last count and we dont forget the desecration of our Anzac Memorials, at Arncliffe this year. We dont appreciate that we need a special Middle Eastern Crime unit either. We thought you were ugly at the Cronulla incident two years ago. So, dont apply. Go back home – you are criminals. For a full run down on Middle Eastern Crime and the inside stories, and you will see I am not raving on, go to. – And you can go to the New South Wales Police Website gov.nsw etc. and you will find five or six major crimes daily from theft, rebirthing cars, drugs, stabbing and so on, just the usual when you live in the South Westers Suburbs of Sydney.

  2. Agreed Hecate,
    Abdul – go back to Lebanon – You are NOT needed or wanted as a police officer here.

  3. Agreed.

    If this guy joined up and was exposed to the situations that our police officers encounter in the course of their duties on a daily basis he would keel over in a dead faint.

    Just go back to Lebanon and see what you can do to make something of that sad country wracked by dissension and conflict for the past umpteen years.

    Be a hero and make a difference there – not here.

  4. Sharia finance in Oz … just a tweaking of existing regulations … nothing to see, go back to X-Factor…

    Cory Bernardi on Sharia finance in the Australian Conservative:

    Islamic court would be needed for rulings on Sharia finance

    [The booklet Demystifying Islamic Finance states that Islamic finance “requires alignment with and support from the whole legal and regulatory framework.”]

    [The booklet continues to detail that “at the minimum” tax laws, property laws, insolvency laws and securities laws will all require changes to accommodate Islamic finance. There would also need to be negotiation of our international agreements determining reciprocal enforcement of foreign judgements for international transactions.

    Hardly a ‘tinkering’ as the government representatives would suggest.

    Sharia finance would also give rise to a compliance body that would determine if the source of funds, transaction and terms comply with Islamic law. This is effectively an Islamic court that would operate alongside our existing legal system.]

    [The fact that there is an apparent inability to raise these legitimate concerns in public without being attacked by the PC police suggests there is another issue we should be concerned about – freedom of speech.]

  5. More from the Australian Conservative:

    Blind to the realities of Islamist terror

    [I read Sally Neighbour’s article “Stopping Terrorism Before It Takes Hold” (The Australian, Tuesday, 2 Nov, 2010). It left me with such a sense of despair and frustration about the naivety of our “authorities” in respect of all things Islamic. ]

    [Anyone who knows anything at all about Islam will understand my concern with the article and what it exposes in our upper echelons of government. Are our “authorities” that naïve about Islamic terrorism? Do they not realise that they are creating the problem by continuing with the current immigration policy? Are they so blinded by the ideals of multiculturalism, and its fascist enforcer political correctness, that they have abandoned their own common sense and concern for those who have placed them into office as guarantors of our freedom from such threats?

    Will it take a massive and successful terrorist attack within one of our major cities to cause the blinkers to come off?

    What will it take? ]

  6. Will it take a massive and successful terrorist attack within one of our major cities to cause the blinkers to come off?

    Yes Mullah, it will. It will take attack after attack after attack. Then some more attacks. Just like here in America. People who have never been punched in the mouth will never learn what being punched in the mouth is like, until they themselves are punched in the mouth. It is that simple. When I hear the cry to “Fix Bayonets”, I will know that OZ (and the West) is ready. Long live Diggers and ANZAC.

  7. Dont forget to buy your red poppy tomorrow and wear it for our Anzac’s with pride. Only $2.00. Dont let Islam cripple our pride in our fighting forces, even if they are doing their best to undermine them in their rat ridden countries. Go Anzacs!!!!

  8. The tide of knowledge is building in Australia. Look at SBS!!!
    The Comment section is still going strong after a week.

    “Fear of Islam” Tuesday, 2 Nov 10.
    What’s fuelling the rise in anti-Islamic sentiment across Europe and the United States?
    Your Say 680 Comments
    Read and join in

  9. Thanks for that, Dhumme.

    It was a pathetic “show”, full of obfuscation and PC.

    The comments are filled with Muslim rubbish. Especially those who sail under false flag and claim to be “Jewish” or “Christian” seem to be in the majority.

    What can one expect from an airhead like Jenny Brockie?

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