Caliph Erdogan offers Israel Arab ‘protection’- calls for ‘integration with the Arab world’ (in other words submit to Islam or live under Islamic rule, as dhimmies, like it was for centuries before the Jews took their country back)

Jihad is more important than trade:

Greek Cypriot Administration filed a complaint with Brussels about Turkey for not opening sea ports to Greek Cypriot vessels.

Greek Cypriots argued that the Greek Cypriot Maritime Industry, “the largest in the world in maritime industry” suffered because of Turkey’s refusal to open its ports, which was a violation of free and fair competition in the EU (Source)

Nostalgia for the “Golden Age” and Al Andaluz:  Farewell to the last Morisco

A Turk’s heart bleeds for the Islamic occupation of Spain:

For centuries they lived under oppression in Spain. A real genocide was lived… Perhaps it can be called the worst genocide in Europe’s history, because a people had to abandon their beliefs, traditions, languages and property and behave for a period like they were Catholics or they were exiled from their homeland. They dispersed throughout the world, in fact, some even went to America. They also went to Europe; the city of Sarajevo was founded by Andalusians or Andalusian Moriscos.  (More)

UN flotilla investigator attends Israel hatefest (Bangkok Post)

Two women, one a Jewish-American and the other a Christian-Malaysian, last week provided some deep insights into the Israeli occupation of Palestine and appealed to global activists and media to help the world hear an alternative perspective on the long-standing conflict. (Elder of Ziyon)

The Unholy US/Muslim Alliance

The peace process is all about reaching an agreement, pre-determined by the Saudi/US alliance.

The U.S. has long sided with the Arab world. The US has supported the Muslims in the Balkans, in Cyprus, in Somali and in Lebanon at the expense of the Christians. The U.S. also turns a blind eye to the killing of Christians in Egypt and in Iraq and to discrimination against Christians in Saudi Arabia and in the territories under the rule of the PA,

The US brought Turkey into NATO and backs her inclusion in the EU. The US has also maintained an alliance with Pakistan for many decades. The US arms Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the PA. Now she is also arming the Lebanese army which is controlled by Hezbollah. Who else, but Israel, is the target?  (Source)

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  1. ‘Perhaps it can be called the worst genocide in Europe’s history, ‘

    I wish people would use ‘genocide’ correctly
    What next ‘genocide’ for hurt feelings ?
    Anyway , behaving like Catholics is better than behaving like muslims.
    And muslims are still behaving -very- badly after all these yers

  2. The U.S. has long sided with the Arab world.

    Just a small correction. The U.S. has long sided with the Muslim world.

    In addition
    The US sided with the occupation of East Timor against UN resolutions. It also sided with the genocidal Pakistanis as they committed one of the greatest massacres of Bangladeshis , particularly of Hindus.

  3. Its not genocide dont be silly Muslims can never be accused of genocide just like Blacks can never be racists . LOL

  4. * Caliph Erdogan offers Israel Arab ‘protection’- calls for ‘integration with the Arab world’

    Hmmm… 7 year protection treaty perhaps?

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