What happened to 'millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute?'

The height of stupidity:

AUSTRALIA hands Indonesia $500 million to build 2000 schools, 1500 of them ISLAMIC SCHOOLS

Add that to the hundreds of mosques and madrassas we have already paid for. This is the ultimate folly. Our children will pay the price for this madness.  Gillard returns empty handed, snubbed, disgraced, with nothing to show for.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has pledged $500 million toward new schools in Indonesia during her visit to the southeast Asian nation. (Barenaked Islam)

They call it “aid”, I call it tribute (jiziya)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. military wants to significantly increase its equipment and training aid to Yemen in 2011, proposing as much as $250 million to help the struggling country battle al-Qaida-linked extremists within its borders, according to U.S. officials. (The Blaze)

Obama administration seeks broad protection for tax credits that aid religious schools

WASHINGTON — An Obama administration lawyer defended an Arizona program that funds religious schools with state tax credits and urged the Supreme Court on Wednesday to block advocates of church-state separation from suing over such arrangements. (LA Times)

In the bag for the Obamessiah:

MINNEAPOLIS – Well, now you know why Keith Ellison (Muslim – MN) won re-election.

Michiganistan: Just off the boat from Somalia….

11 thoughts on “What happened to 'millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute?'”

  1. Australia — rewarding Indonesia for the splendid job they’ve done in East Timor and West Papua!

  2. I wonder how the homeless men, women and children sleeping on the street would feel about this.
    I wonder how man more elderley will lose a leg because they cannot get into a hospital, not for months but for years. This is the truth and not fantacy.
    Before we only had to wait in hospital corridors after Druggies, now in
    Bankstown we wait until after Muslims.
    Australians just dont count and more. We were just the generation who fought for the conditons we enjoy today only to see some stupid and uncaring politicians give our wealth away. Why???????
    I worked at the Westmead Hospital for 15 years, and The Children’s Hospital, for 5. I really do know what I am talking about. It is just not fair, Australians Fair Go has already gone.

  3. “Devout muslims voting in an Indidel election – is that allowed?”

    It’s rendered halaal (even fardh/waajib — obligatory) if the Muslimin intend ultimately to overthrow the taghut, i.e. the hukm (legislation) of kufr and shirk (which are fitnah) with the hukm of Allah (i.e., the Shari’ah), so that the Deen is for Allah alone. This is the doctrine of Darurah, i.e. necessity, as well as a manifestation of jihad al-talab wa’l-ibtida’i, or offensive jihad of conquering (in this case, through subversion of the legal system — a kind of stealth da’wah).

  4. I can cite something even more “stupid” (to say the least)…the election of “Caliph” Obama as POTUS.

    Even though Obama isn’t POTUS,the act of “electing” him was quite

  5. what else can we expect from a fricking hard left unionist who only just got in by bribing the Independants to cast their vote in her favor…and now she’s building new accomodation to house THOUSANDS of illegals coming here in boats! this has to stop! latest news is that illegals( all MUSLIMS) are flying into Indonesia by plane, and catching a boat to sail here as boatpeople posing as refugees…of course once theyre here they get housing, money to sit on their bums, impregnate 3 wives at one time ( adding to the Ummah) live on our taxes, never have to speak English, just attend mosque and learn how to fight jihad… we need our heads read for allowing this to happen..about time we protest!

  6. All Aboard!!!! The worlds riding to hell on the Islam crazy train. HA HA Ahh hA ha HA hah hahaha

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