White House warns that more jihad mail bombs could be coming as White House Muslim envoy fears "backlash"

Its our fault! We are forcing Muslims to terrorize us because we don’t submit to Islam:

White House warns that more jihad mail bombs could be coming as White House Muslim envoy decries “scapegoating” of Islam

Sometimes it’s just a case of poor timing.

“White House: could be more mail bombs,” from AP, October 31:

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Hussein Obama’s counterterrorism adviser (Rashad Hussein*) said Sunday that authorities “have to presume” there might be more potential mail bombs like the ones pulled from planes in England and the United Arab Emirates….

“Obama adviser decries anti-Islam sentiments,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, October 31:

Muslim Brotherhood in the White House: Hafiz Rashad Hussein

Speaking to about 400 people in Livonia, President Barack Obama’s envoy to the Muslim world said there is a “disturbing rise in anti-Islamic sentiment” that may be caused in part by the poor economy.”The things you can say about Islam you can’t say about any other faith,” Rashad Hussain, Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, said Saturday night at the annual fund-raising dinner of the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a Muslim-founded think tank based in Clinton Township. “During tough economic times, groups that are seen to be the other … the scapegoating can increase.”…

Or maybe the economy could be just dandy and Americans would still be slightly annoyed by the prospect of Islamic jihadists sending bombs via UPS to synagogues in Chicago. Or storming a church in Baghdad and murdering 58 people. Or maybe they’re annoyed by the Fort Hood jihad shooting, the Arkansas recruiting center jihad shooting, the Christmas underwear bomb jihad attempt, the Times Square jihad car bomb attempt, the Fort Dix jihad plot, the North Carolina jihad plot, the Seattle jihad shooting, the JFK Airport jihad plot, and on and on.

Might all this violence and attempted violence perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam account for some of this “scapegoating”? Naaah, couldn’t be — it must just be rampant and spreading “Islamophobia”!


Rashad Hussein of the Muslim Brotherhood:

The American Thinker calls Rashad “pro-jihadist” and the Jawa Report calls him a “terrorist sympathizer,” while Brad Blakeman argued in a Fox News appearance that Rashad has “more in common with our enemies than what we stand for as a nation.” Most directly, Pamela Geller suggests that Rashad Hussain is a “jihadist in the White House.”

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  1. Ikebal Patel tells us there’s not much to worry about – ABC dutifully puts it out as “news” …


    Links to Yemen militant not strong: Islamic council

    [Ikebal Patel, from the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, says there are several Muslim clerics, including one in Sydney, who had some of the teachings of a Yemeni militant – cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – on their websites.

    Mr Patel says that material has since been taken down.]

    * It is normally taken down when it attracts infidel attention.

    [“[It] is not something that’s far-reaching in Australia.”]

    * Nothing to see – but the links to allah and islam remain unchanged.

  2. yeah, I also saw him on Jenny Brocke tonight.

    An example of “Successful integration” for him is Ahmed Fahur, ex National Bank CEO, who introduced sharia banking in Australia.

  3. “Integration” to islam is a cuckoo taking over another bird’s nest & killing its egg, leaving its own egg to be raised & nurtured by the host…

  4. i don’t know if “disgusted” with the President I voted for is a strong enough word. And the empty look of death on Rashaan’s face tell my all I need to know. I need to stock up.

  5. More “packages” Insha’Allah. Hmmmm maybe it’s a time for another trip to Macy’s In New York to leave a “package”. I “love” Macy’s at Xmas time. So may Zionist, hooked nosed bastards. Many possibilities. The rise of Islam is here. Deal with it or choke on your own blood. The decades of suffering you Zionist Christians imposed on Islamic states (Iran, Occupied Palestine, Afghanistan, etc.) will be paid back in blood. The consequences will be dire.
    [7:4] Many a community we annihilated; they incurred our retribution while they were asleep, or wide awake.

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    Sheik – can you put out the IP of this troll.

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