Wilders to be tried by hard left activist judges

Wilders vs the Machine

Its because truth “undermines” the  corrupt judiciary. Can’t have that….

Klein Verzet:   Retrial Judges Announced

The court in Amsterdam today announced the judges that will sit at the re-trial of Geert Wilders. Additionally, it announced plans to soon resume the court trial against Geert Wilders. From the courts website

The Fix is in… Again

From the Baron @ Gates of Vienna:

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan confirms what VH referred to earlier today: the new panel of judges in the Wilders case is a left-wing fix, and Mr. Wilders is being set up again. Let’s hope that Bram Moszkowicz has been taking his mega-vitamins, because he’s going to need them.

Here’s what H. Numan says, under the subject line “Yup, it’s a kangaroo court”:

Dear Baron,

To confirm your suspicions: All new judges in the coming Wilders case are left-wing activist lawyers.

Rechter G. Janssen, bijbaan: Voorzitter Stichting Rechtsbijstand Asiel Amsterdam te Amsterdam vanaf 01-01-2000

(Chairman of Foundation Juridical Support for Asylum Applicants, since 1-1-2000)

mevr. mr. J.C. Boeree, rechter sector Vreemdelingenzaken Rechtbank Amsterdam geeft samen met dhr. mr. M.F. Wijngaarden, advocaat bij Böhler Franken Koppe Wijngaarden Advocaten, Amsterdam cursussen “Vreemdelingenrecht voor strafrechtadvocaten”. Bohler zijn die advocaten voor krakers e.d. actief links volk. Stonden de slachtoffers van Geer bij in de rechtszaak.

The other judges present courses in Laws for foreigners for lawyers of the court. Both are active in left-wing circles. Earlier they supported ‘victims’ of Geert Wilders in other court cases.

The show must go on…

— H. Numan

Hang on to your hats, folks — we’re in for another wild ride.

8 thoughts on “Wilders to be tried by hard left activist judges”

  1. The Dutch Court will keep on trying until they get the “Right” decision i.e. a Wilders GUILTY verdict. This is as obvious as the nose on your face.

  2. I had hoped that logic and decency,coupled with a gradual waking up of the electorate would win the battle. Now I realise that the only way to rid ourselves of the twin evils of islam and marxism is to resort to violence.

  3. I think it’s time Wilders defense rolled out the EUSSR’s Human Rights Act, about time somebody who deserves it gets to use it………

  4. What is wrong with the Dutch people? Why aren’t they taking to the streets in protest against this double jeopardy kangaroo court? A General Strike is required. Will they allow Freedom to fail?

  5. Sorry, but the above is nonsense. You are barking up the wrong tree completely. JC Boeree is a teacher as well as a judge. So she is ‘judge’ in a teaching courtcase on her speciality, where van Wijngaarden representing the lawyer in his. This is not private college, she didn’t organise it and has nothing to do with van Wijngaarden otherwise. In fact, mrs Boeree is not known as a ‘leftwing’ judge at all, far from it, but quite a difficult ‘toetsingsjudge’ for naturalisation or extradition cases. If anything, she got chosen both in this college setting and this case, because she leans to the right instead of the left, and she is not known to be in favour of weak immigration policies, as refugee lawyers like vd Goen will tell you. She’s hard as nails.

    1. Gates of Vienna:

      And now it seems, apart from senior judge G.P.C. Janssen and chairman A.A.M. van Oosten, Miss Boeree is also controversial:

      The youngest judge, Ms. J.C. Boeree, is not only a judge in the Immigration section of the Amsterdam Court, but also teaches “Immigration law for criminal lawyers” together with Mr. M.F. Wijngaarden, of the law firm Böhler, Franken, Koppe, Wijngaarden, the same law firm as the lawyers for the complainants, Ties Prakken and Michiel Pestman. [source HVV]

      A “banana kingdom” it is, the Netherlands…

  6. It doesn’t matter to you people what the facts are, does it, as long as you can can persue your own beliefs. You just repeat what some other blog says (exactly the same) and no matter what’s been said to you, you ignore and and go on quoting, it’s written so it must be true and there is only one interpretation. My god, you’re exactly like a bunch of muslims.

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