Cairo after Friday prayers….

“Democratic Socialist” movement seeks peaceful change, right Harry’s?

“Democratic Leftists” fire RPGs at police station in Egypt….

Whether its Egypt or Pakistan….

The headbangers in the mosques decide the outcome…..

Anyone who knows anything about the ME knows that every major upheaval begins and ends with the mosque. Yesterday was the big day:

Al Arabiya reported that the Conrad hotel & World Trade Center by the Nile corniche in Cairo is on fire.

Egypt in revolt (Andrew Bolt)

The media spins this as usual: “most people in the ME live on $ 2 dollars a day” (so if they had $ 4 dollars a day would that make Islam go away?)

Ayatollah Khatami also said that the recent developments in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab states echo the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Egypt Releases Military on Citizens as Rioters Storm Gov’t Buildings

“I can’t believe our own police, our own government would keep beating up on us like this.”  Read More »

Echoes of Tiananmen:

Policemen stripped off their uniforms and badges and joined the demonstrators.

“This is a cowardly government and it has to fall. We’re going to make sure of it.” (Telegraph)

The Muslim Brotherhood is  ready to pounce. But don’t wait for the enemedia to tell you……

6 thoughts on “Cairo after Friday prayers….”

  1. Looks like the wheels are falling off completely – time for Israel to prepare…

  2. In reality, all these poor idealogically brow beaten fools are doing is, in the long run embracing death, the Islamic revolutionary domino principle will be the end of Radical Islam. Out in the open, vicious, beligerent, defiant and expansive, they will never negotiate, they will just try to dominate. Eventually they will be nuked into submission. The amount of people who die will be measured by the strength or lack thereof of our western politicians. Israel will be ready and we must not sit on the sidelines.

  3. If we dont support Israel, we will be next. These devil worshippers feed on blood lust, meyham and destruction. So, Europe – look out.

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